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5 business benefits you get by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM features


Dynamics 365 resellers often opt for latest sales and dynamics 365 customer engagement mechanisms by utilizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM features. Additional services are normally added on their platforms keeping the customers’ needs in mind. A CRM and ERP platform is the backbone of every business. Investing in the Right CRM can save you money and increase revenue streams for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM Benefits to Businesses

There are multiple Microsoft Dynamics CRM features. Staying in control of your business information is what you need to make informed business decisions. Dynamics 365 help businesses take decisions with a dynamic approach. Here are five ways MS Dynamics 365 can be beneficial to business and bring more bang for the buck. You can utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM features to get the following benefits.

  • Reduced costs and Increased flexibly

The best thing about Dynamics is that you don’t have to purchase a full set of apps of which half you don’t use for your business but still have to pay for them. Instead, you can have a tailored solution of the apps you need and utilize the Dynamics 365 unified operations in a cost-effective manner. So, you only pay for what you need!

  • A unified approach

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a full-fledge Customer Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource management solution providing Dynamics 365 unified operations. It offers a unified approach towards data analytics and insights (which we’ll be covering in a moment) along with customer engagement using Microsoft Dynamics 365 customer engagement. Business success is dependent on decision making. Dynamics 365 supports decision makers with its unified portal where there is every bit of detail needed to make informed business decisions and have a better customer experience with your clients.

  • Intelligent insights

Since Dynamics has Microsoft’s AI-based business tools, it provides much needed intelligent insights needed for better decision making of your business. The best thing about Dynamics 365 is that it provides you a platform to connect to experts and progressive peers and provide you with actionable insights for a progressive business.

  • Better productivity

With informed decisions and Dynamics 365 unified operations, comes better productivity thanks to the modern Microsoft Dynamics CRM features. With a centralized approach, you get access to the data you need for any task. Since there an built-in automation tools Dynamics 365 takes care of all your repetitive tasks and customer with Dynamics 365 customer engagement to take your business to the right direction of success.

  • Improved security and compliance

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, you won’t have to take the burden of infrastructure management and focus on the functional needs of your business. This also keeps you off from falling into security loopholes that might affect your business productivity. You don’t have to keep patching your system for security compliance of your business. The platform is robust and addresses the privacy concerns of your organization. Business’s data is secured and well protected within Dynamics 365. There is a decent data center infrastructure which is complaint to all laws.

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MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM 2016

MachPanel is a complete Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) providing easy automation to manage the entire life-cycle of businesses. It provides all the necessary tools you need for a decent cloud provision and management. Its Module for Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides billing and provision of Microsoft CRM Services to your hosted services platform. All the functional capabilities like Enable/Disable CRM Organization, CRM Organization creation/deletion, CRM organization/user/roles management, reporting etc. are supported.

Get on board with MachPanel and take your Business to the Right business track.

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