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New and deprecated Features of the v9.0 of Dynamics 365 Server


The importance of Dynamics 365 server can’t be denied. The power of Microsoft products in business space has been strengthened this year. Three main business productive software’s are out this year with Microsoft-Dynamics-server-v9major versions: Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 and Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019. Adding to the list of updates of Microsoft products this year, Dynamics 365 Server  version 9.0 is here!

A lot has been changes in this version of Dynamics 365 Server. Microsoft is improving Dynamics 365 Server in every update and this time, a whole new look and feel is given to the product. With new features, which we mention in a minute, there are many features that are being phased out and others that have been deprecated entirely.

Talking of the new features, the interface of the latest version is customized with a refreshed look in mind and hence Dynamics 365 Server has a refreshed new interface which makes it look new altogether. Similarly, a new look and feel has been introduced for a better mobile experience. Apart from these there is a Customer Service Hub along with a better Outlook experience for Dynamics 365 Server. Let’s explore these features in a bit detail:

  1. New User Interface

The interface is designed for a better User Experience. There, an option is given in the new version of Dynamics 365 Server. Business process can be displayed in a “floating mode”. There are three options: Vertical or horizontal layout, now available on Sitemap and defined criteria to trigger Options Setup. Now, the UI looks more streamlined and display has less clutter on screen. Theming capabilities are also provided.

  1. Customer Service Hub

The Interactive Service Hub has been named as the Customer Service hub in this version. Customer related management like creating; updating customer interactions are now enabled through a Case Timeline. This has been introduced in this version. The Activity Timeline gives better insight to disposition of cases, updates regarding records and a management dashboard.

  1. Better Outlook Experience

Many features have been introduced for Outlook users to be able to work with Dynamics 365 server like pin favorite records, edit records from app, insights compatibility, advance search capabilities and tracking of tasks and appointments.

  1. Refreshed Mobile App:

The app has been revolutionized in a better way. Things are more organized and quite easy to use for even first-time users.

Features phasing out

Following features are being replaced:

    1. Dialog’s are replaced by Mobile Task Flows and Business Process Flows
    2. Service Scheduling is replaced by Unified Resource Scheduling
    3. Email Router is replaced with Server-Side Sync
    4. Silverlight is replaced with HTML5
    5. Ready to Use Business Processes are not readily available but can be loaded from Microsoft’s AppSource

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