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The All New Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 is Here


The wait is finally over and all the Microsoft Enthusiasts can now get their hands on the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

The final release is available to download form Volume Licensing Service Center. The latest release of Microsoft Exchange Server has been designed to deliver attributes that the valued on-premise exchange online customers expected the most. exchange server 2019 announcedThese features are: improved performance and improved administration, security and management capabilities.

The new and improved search technology and scalability improvements have been highlighted. Its architecture has improved with the feature of security in mind. Further, the failovers are made more reliable, connectivity is simplified and calendar man agent is made easier. Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 supports EAI/ IDN email routing and uses Windows Server Core with less code churn with more stability. All these features are ultimately delighting the end users and Microsoft enthusiast even more.

Here is a detailed overview of the key features of Microsoft Exchange Online:

  1. Security

It is recommended to install on Windows Server 2019 Core to use Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. However, the basic requirement for latest release of Microsoft Exchange is Windows Server 2019, hence providing the right level of security that the system need in todays’ demanding security requirements. Together Windows Server Core and MS Exchange makes the most secure platform for you to work. Further, the latest build of Exchange Server uses only TLS 1.2 out of the box, plus all the legacy ciphers along with hashing algorithms to remove any chance of security compromise.

  1. End-user Experience

Microsoft Exchange Server is heavily used for calendaring and hence large enterprises are immensely dependent on slandering to proceed with their proceedings. A new feature of calendar is introduced in MS Exchange 2019 that is the restricting the forwarding of a meeting request. It also provides better control over OOF settings. A few such new calendaring features are there for Administrators too like managing events in users’ calendars and assigning delegate permissions with much ease-of-use for Microsoft Exchange Online users.

The feature of Unified messaging is deprecated in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. Customers connecting a third-party PBX or Skype for Business Server with Exchange Server are not able to continue this with Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. As an alternate, Microsoft provides such communication to customers with Skype for Business Server 2019 and using Cloud Voicemail or with Microsoft Office 365 with Cloud Voicemail.

  1. Performance Improvements

Major performance improvements in the latest release of Exchange Server are faster search, using improved Bing technology which provides better results in exchange online, easier administration easier and database failovers have been made much faster. The latest Solid State Drive (SSD) technology is used to add dual storage read/write capabilities in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019. Database caching is improved in order to allocate more memory to active databases and their copies for faster loading. More number of users can be scaled up per user with larger disks and client operations latency reduced to half. With this release, Microsoft Exchange Server can now use 48 processor cores and a total of 256GB of RAM.

MachPanel and Automation Module for Microsoft Exchange

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