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The latest Exchange memory calculator announced with trendy features


After the wide popularity of exchange 2016 sizing calculator, Microsoft has announced Exchange Server 2019 Sizing Calculator as the latest exchange memory calculator. Now, has been completed in development phase. For a long it has been under the development phase, since the launch of Exchange Server 2019 actually and since then, there has been some time to figure out the usability requirements, a few features added and few deprecated until now that is properly developed and launched.

Better improvements for Virtualization support

Cloud Computing experts predict that the future of cloud computing lies in better and improved virtualization. This has been taken into account in the latest version of exchange 2019. In the exchange 2016 sizing calculator, there were features like Environment Configuration, Backup Configuration and many other features. In this version, better exchange memory calculator features are introduced. There are disk space requirement calculator and CPU requirements calculator. The calculator makes use of all necessary inputs to figure out the available resources.

Optimized for Exchange Server 2019

The best part about this calculator is that it only supports Exchange Server 2019. In this way, the users find all the features that make sense in today’s era of cloud computing.  The experience to input things is better and faster. Better optimization leads to better usability experience.

Updated modern Benchmark and MCDB Database Support

The modern exchange memory calculator uses SPECint 2017 criteria. In addition to this, MCDB Database Support was the first feature to be added to the Exchange Sizing Calculator. Most of the math is done for the users of the calculator. The calculations are essential for the cloud computing experts. Based on SSD capacities, the system will provide a definite device count and the related capacity.

Extended Database Limit

What’s the amount of memory required to fulfill the Database needs of nextGen cloud Computing? It’s 2TB! Exchange Server 2019 Sizing Calculator supports 2TB of database storage. 200 GB RAID Deployments are enforced by default along with JBOD deployments. It is a growing need to scale investment out of O365 and typical on-premises server requirements.

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