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Understanding Microsoft Exchange Server 2019


Microsoft plans to announce their next version of Exchange Server sometime in 2018 and it’ll be called Microsoft Exchange Server 2019.

Microsoft Exchange 2019

Quite recently the preview of Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 was released. This version is promised to deliver security, reliable performance and improved administration along with management capabilities. Generally, there is a pattern that new features are first introduced in Exchange Online and later in on-premises Exchange. For on-premises users, it is either used as an entirely new release, or introduced to them as cumulative updates. Here’s what to expect from the latest Exchange Server 2019 according to its public preview:

  1. Windows Server 2012 R2 is the minimum requirement of an Operating system and Active Directory in order to use Exchange Server 2019. If the Exchange Server is released to manufacturing later in 2018, chances are that the minimum OS supported shall be set to Windows Server 2016
  2. All those features that were deprecated in the last version of Exchange Server, i.e. Microsoft Exchange Server 2016, will be removed entirely in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019
  3. Microsoft Exchange Server has been available for installation on Windows Server Core. It shall provide the most secure platform for Exchange. There is also an option to install Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 onto Windows Server 2016 or 2019 Desktop Experience.
  4. Microsoft Exchange Server can run up to 48 processor cores and 256 GB of RAM. That is something very hard to achieve as yet, but the system has been developed so as to function with that properly.
  5. Bing technology has been used to make search performance better. This has been re-engineered and the outcome is a whole lot better search. This has made administration easier and database failovers faster.
  6. Exchange Online has been using Solid State Drives. It is an alternative to the currently used drives and it is much cost effective in comparison. They are being used in addition to spinning disks to make performance better. Key search data is being kept at the SSDs to make logins and other operations faster. SSDs are used intelligently in order to make overall user experience faster.
  7. Calendaring has been included in Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 in improved form. A simplified Calendar sharing is important with features like Simplified Calendar Sharing from Microsoft Office 365 and also to On-Premises Exchange. This facilitates administrators to manage events directly on user’s calendars and in this way, delegate permissions are assigned more easily.

Features To Be Seen In Microsoft Exchange Server 2019

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