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What’s new when upgrading from Exchange 2013 to Exchange 2016?


Microsoft Exchange 2016 came up with a lot of new features, enhancements and service upgrades as compared to Exchange 2013 and earlier version. In the following, you will notice the new things (the most important ones to me) from Exchange 2013 when you are upgrading to Exchange 2016.

  • + Architecture

The main architectural difference in Exchange 2016 is about reduced number of server roles which are reduced to just to Mailbox role and Edge Transport role. Within, Exchange 2016 mailbox role all components of Exchange 2013 mailbox role and client access server role are included. Which means that all of the traditional mailbox role, transport service, mailbox databases and unified messaging services of Exchange 2013 are included in Exchange 2016 Mailbox role. In addition, the latest version of exchange includes abilities to proxy traffic from Exchange 2016 to Exchange 2013 and vice versa. The Edge transport role handles all of the inbound/outbound Internet mail flow and is more protected in Exchange 2016 as it minimizes the attack surface of exchange deployment by means of additional layers of security against viruses/spam and message control via transport rules.

  • + Clients
    • – Outlook on the Web

In Exchange 2013, it’s called Outlook Web App (OWA) which is now termed Outlook on the Web in Exchange 2016; which now provides rich user experience across multiple devices including mobile and tablets.

    • – MAPI

In Exchange 2016, MAPI is brought to industry stand HTTP protocol and now Outlook communicates with Exchange through MAPI over HTTP in default which in turn improves visibility, scalability and reliability of the Outlook-Exchange connection and provides better user experience.

  • + Policy and Compliance
    • – Data Loss Prevention

One of the major changes as compared to earlier version in Exchange 2016 is about DLP enhancements which now allows to protect almost 80 different types of sensitive information with conditions and actions to take upon once the condition is met and transport rule has identified it as set.

    • – Compliance Search

Compliance search is in fact a new eDiscovery tool in Exchange 2016 which allows you search across multiple mailboxes in your organization and a lot more performance capabilities in just one single search. However, compliance search is only available within Exchange Management Shell.

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