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Expected Features To Be Seen In Microsoft Exchange Server 2019


With the era of the new release of Microsoft Exchange approaching fast, it is high time we should mention what is expected of the new Microsoft Exchange Server 2019 release especially for on-premises users.

It has been seen that Microsoft follows a pattern of first releasing new features for Exchange Online before the features are introduced in Exchange on-premises in a later release or frequent upgrade for the on premises users. This year again, the much anticipated features for on-premise users are about to be previewed towards the mid of 2018 and will be finally released in the latest Microsoft Exchange 2019 towards the end of 2018. This release is expected to depict improvements in four different areas: Security, Manageability, Usability and Compliance.

Microsoft exchange Server 2019

Let’s have a look at what the upcoming features of Exchange 2019 are. All the features listed below revolve around the aforementioned four basic domains of improvement in MS Exchange.

Protocol improvements

The improved MAPIhttp protocol will prevail in the next release of Exchange 2019. It is also supported by all Outlook Clients. It means that the deprecated feature from last release, RPC-over-HTTP shall be removed in the upcoming release as it is needless now.


Scalability has been a focus of this release as mentioned in the Exchange 2019 preview. The scalability of public folders is also expected in this release. However, feature wise there are no such expectations amongst public folders.


As provided in the previous versions of Exchange Server, Migrations are expected to be seamless in this release as well. A capability to migrate from Exchange Sever 2013 or 2016 side-by-side is expected to see in future.

Cross premises challenges

Challenges like delegates, sharing of calendar and events between Exchange Online and Exchange on-premises need to be catered and Exchange 2019 is expected to show some improvements in this domain.



It is analyzed that the feature of Office 365 Groups is not, in the long run, going to be a beneficial feature for Exchange Server clients. So the introduction of Groups for a cross-collaborative on-premises experience is not expected in this release. Groups are a thing of the cloud and only then they can be beneficial, the feature can stay with Exchange Online but not on-premises.

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