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An insight into Exchange Online Migration troubleshooting with Fiddler Extension


Many Organizations face a lot of difficulties during Microsoft Exchange Online migration process. For this, Microsoft provides support in a variety of areas like troubleshooting Outlook while users attempt to link Office 365 mailbox, connectivity issues etc. many tools are being used extensively to cater Exchange Online migration problems like Support and Recovery Assistant (SARA), Outlook ETL files and Fiddler traces.

Fiddler is a favorite tool of providers when they provide Exchange support. Hence, Microsoft has introduced a Fiddler extension for the assistance of Outlook and Exchange Online. Anyone in contact with Microsoft Support or some other support can have access to this extension. Let’s dig into this and see what Microsoft has to offer this time.

The main features

The Fiddler extension adds a lot of things on screen in order to make the support process easier. Like it adds an inspector tab of Exchange Online along with Office 365 Auth inspector tab. Extension features can be controlled by a menu. There’s an option to turn that off as well. It highlights errors in with different colors so they are easy to identify. The techniques of colorizing are also used for Sessions and their relevance to a condition or to a specific error (just like there are traffic lights on the roads, session colors play the same role). In addition to this, it displays session authentication information, Host IP address of the receiver host in the current session, type of that response Server.

The UI

There are a few additional columns added to the user interface:

  • The inspector Tab: An Exchange Online Tab is added to response Inspector list which brings useful information regarding troubleshooting in multiple troubleshooting scenarios that we discuss in a minute. Logic based comments are also displayed in a comment box regarded responses.
  • Additional columns: Response Time is displayed when the option of a SAZ file is enabled. Response server displayed the type of web server which responded to current request. The Exchange Type field is filled with logic checks on the basis of requests and their response values which can include the client, connection type, if it is related to Exchange or Outlook and displays the process if it’s not related to Exchange or Outlook.
  • Menu to control Extension: There are a few UI elements on screen that control the extension options. Like the Extension enable option, this makes the users disable any extra running processes which are costly with reference to performance like session logic processing; “Application Logging enabled” option and other options like “Response Time Column Enabled”,” Exchange Type Column Enabled”,” Response Server Column Enabled”, “Report Issues” and “Check for updates”.
  • Application Logging: for each fiddler application session log, this module logs the logic checks found on those sessions. Upon loading the SAZ file, the extension looks for updates,

Troubleshooting scenarios

The extension is most suitable for a troubleshooting in a lot of scenarios related to Exchange Online migration like:

  • Authentication: It can see if the Outlook client has basic authentication capability or Modern. Apart from that, it also ensures if the concerned authentication is enabled
  • Network Connectivity: the extension can figure out the scenario when Outlook can’t connect to Exchange Online mailbox or when it can’t start communication with an Exchange server, both in Exchange Online and in your own network.
  • Performance analysis: the extension also displays performance related information of a session like the amount of time needed for each session to complete its tasks, the server think time and the time needed to send a response back to Fiddler and eventually back to the Outlook client app.
  • Autodiscover: in this scenario, you can test if a redirection is performed from your Exchange network to Exchange Online. Plus, autodiscover responses are also checked from servers that do not run IIS like Apache server.

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