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Cloud Hyper V Hosting: What to expect?


Modern Hyper V Hosting Providers are expected to deliver virtualization with Cloud Servers that offer reliable and optimized cloud-based solutions. The right balance of hardware services and updated Operating System allows for multiple Cloud Servers to be able to operate over a number of physical servers simultaneously.

What does a business require from a Hyper V manager?

The whole idea of Hyper V management is to deliver better resource allocation including memory management, balanced CPU utilization, and Flexibility of physical hardware. The increased demands from the industry require Providers to maintain top-notch infrastructure and best in lime Hyper V manager that is equipped with all the tools needed for Virtual machines resource management.

Equip your Hyper-V VPS Cloud Hosting Business with MachPanel

MachPanel’s Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V offers poisoning and management that takes your business to the next level. It offers complete automation for Multi-tenant IaaS Platforms. Most in-demand features like resource management, WHMCS integration, and many others make it the number one choice of Hosting Providers.

What makes MachPanel’s Hyper-V VPS Cloud Hosting best for your cloud business?

MachPanel’s Hyper V module offers the following benefits:

  • Geo-redundant Hyper-V Infrastructure: MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V provides fully automated VPs Provisioning and support for Geo-redundant Hyper-V Infrastructure.
  • Failover clustering: Both Standalone and modern in-demand Failover clustering are provided with Live and quick migration support.
  • Detailed Inventory: Detailed Inventory for Bare Metal and Hypervisors
  • Better Resource Management: The latest updated version offers much more Resource management capabilities that fulfill the modern demands of cloud businesses. In addition to this, you get DNS Pool management capabilities with Public IP, Private IP, and Natted IP.
  • Resource Usage Graphs: You can get groups resources usage graphs and Server Level Detailed resources usage graphs.
  • Variety of selling options: With MachPanel, Providers and Resellers can get billing details in multiple currencies and in their respective billing cycle with options like Fixed Price, Metered Billing, Single VM Selling, and Additional resource selling.
  • WHMCS Integration: A comprehensive integration with WHMCS for easy and smoother Billing.
  • Better Web console management: The latest update provides Web Hosting with and KVM level access for VMs along with the Thumbnail Preview option.

Scale-up your Cloud Hyper-V Hosting Business Efficiency with MachPanel

With an ever-increasing feature list to cater to growing business demands for Hyper V management, MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V is what can keep your business running with efficiency. Scaling up your business had never been easy before MachPanel’s Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V – VPS Control Panel.

Get Started with MachPanel to Gain Competitive Edge and a Complete Business Automation experience.

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