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6 things that make “SharePoint Modern experience” loved in the IT space


SharePoint modern experience is the latest trend amongst SharePoint online and on-premises users nowadays. With this modern SharePoint experience, features such as Communication Sites and Hub sites have been released. With the introduction of these modern pages, a lot of gaps have been filled regarding publishing experiences that were needed from Microsoft SharePoint Online and on-premises.

This modern experience is based on SharePoint Framework which has brought in a lot of changes from the ‘classic’ platform. The major advancement has been in the basic structure where things are focused to be developed on client side rather the server side. In fact, from April 2019, Microsoft is restricting the possibility of running whole organization on classic mode for libraries and lists. However, lists that use features that are currently supported in the modern experience will be switched to classic, automatically.

However, SharePoint Modern Experience is flexible for now. If there are CSPs who can’t switch to the modern experience immediately, there many tools available to help them restrict users to classic experience like the SharePoint Modernization scanner.

1. SharePoint modernization scanner

With this tool, you can identify sites and lists having specific customizations that are not supported by the modern User interface. It is hence possible to identify the impact of the classic view and modern sites. CSPs wish to keep the currently running sites to classic view. Not all but a few of them for a better user experience, since the users wouldn’t have to switch amongst different modes of experience.

2. Disabling the modern experience is still possible

Apart from PowerShell scripts being used to enable and disable the SharePoint modern experience, there is always an option to “return to classic mode” on modern views of libraries and lists. Owners of Lists can configure a particular list to be run in classic mode for all of its users.

3. It wraps itself around O365

SharePoint modern experience and SharePoint Online integrates itself with Office 365 much easier. Moreover, updates from Microsoft Team sites can be integrated and hence SharePoint modern experience incorporates that all.

4. The modern pages

As mentioned above, there had been a need of an editor experience since many years, like a CMS. With modern pages under Modern SharePoint Experience, content editors are given more power to make use of this experience: publishing content with CMS similar to Word press. Less training is required for editors and the process is kept simple. In just 2 to three clicks, you are good to go!

5. The user experience in Modern SharePoint experience

Technically, the modern experience has got updates that mostly affect the administrators because more changes are provided at administrative settings. Not many changes have been introduced within the interface. Hence, this experience make it user friendly, since the users can still be provided the classic view where needed and they don’t have to switch back and forth between the two modes.

6. Modern and Classic Lists

With the SharePoint modern experience, there are many scenarios that have been modernized like the document sets. Apart from this, there are a few modern-only features introduced like the Microsoft Flow integration. Hence, it is obvious that Modernization is an on-going process. Generally, those features are upgraded earlier that have a higher impact or demand.

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