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Office 365 Selling & Billing Made Easy with MachPanel WHMCS Integration


MachPanel WHMCS billing functionality for Cloud Services

Today we are glad to announce that MachPanel accelerates by offering automated provisioning of Microsoft CSP product that enables WHMCS billing system. A recommended validation solution that provides best management of most widely used billing system i.e. WHMCS and integrates with all types of MachPanel Hosted Products i.e. MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP, Skype for Business (Lync), SharePoint, Dynamics 365 and Hyper-V to extend customer management, billing and invoicing functionality.

If the Service Provider has already deployed WHMCS it’s easier to bill your client with MachPanel WHMCS Module.

Within WHMCS, the installation of the module is very simple and the configuration is just a single page to define billing plans, automated account creation, custom fields, etc. MachPanel provides API that can be used to achieve an excellent degree of automation which Generates Encryption Key and Security Code for WHMCS secure login. Finally, the Product Setup is required within WHMCS in order to link with MachPanel.

At high level, MachPanel WHMCS module facilitate CSP providers by offering multiple options for Add-on selling likeManaged\Unmanaged, product Configurable Options for both Customers and Resellers. The flexibility doesn’t end there, with WHMCS integration Service Provider not only has the ability to revolutionize billing of cloud services but can also achieve inimitable business operations via Order Forms (Online Store). We are constantly adding new facilities as per demand of our clients.

Following is a revealing insight into the key features of MachPanel WHMCS:

  1. The user friendly interface allow providers to associate both new and existing subscriptions from WHMCS to MachPanel.
  2. The WHMCS Import Wizard aids providers to Import \ Link existing subscriptions from WHMCS to MachPanel requires only two values i.e. WHMCS UserId and WHMCS ServiceId
  3. To ensure Secure Automated Login to Control Panel from WHMCS, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has been used to encrypt the data.

Moreover discover compliance of MachPanel WHMCS Module, how different CSP offers can be incorporated in WHMCS product using the WHMCS configurable options with reduced time, manual effort and thus enhancing its capability of handling bundles of Microsoft CSP Offers and Sub-Offers (Add-On offers).

Thus MachPanel is preeminent automation solution that provides WHMCS billing management system to your cloud services.

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