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Update your business continuity plan checklist with Remote Desktop Software


Every cloud business must have a business continuity plan checklist and that must include the essential tools and software’s necessary to keep the business in flow. Perhaps, the current COVID-19 situation has taught a lot companies a lesson to have a robust business continuity plan at hand and include the most important Remote Desktop Software, or at least any Remote Desktop alternative, to keep the collaboration between employees intact for work purpose.

Remote access is the key to remotely work efficiently

For many organizations, remote desktop software is a part of everyday business work. Companies operating in different geographical locations of the world rely on communication tools for better collaboration. In some cases, like if some remote working resource has to deploy a system or configure a system in a far-off located office, remote desktop software comes in handy.

When it comes to crisis management, a disaster recovery plan or business continuity management plan is the key. A business continuity plan checklist must be prepared beforehand. In an ideal case scenario, one or two employees can stay inside the office and keep a check on the systems while the other employees can work from home via accessing their work systems from their home systems.

How Remote Desktop can keep the business processes in the loop

Remote Desktop Services have emerged from DaaS (Desktop as a Service) and Windows Virtual Desktop as a full fledge desktop sharing service for businesses. Here are the many benefits of Remote Desktop Services to business while work from home policies is enforced upon companies:

  • Shared Pools: using this feature, multiple users can work together in the same pool of desktop for better collaboration.
  • Detailed server session settings: with this, a centralized approach to manage session settings and individual or client settings are provided.
  • Manage applications form the cloud: while everyone is working remotely, application management can be done from the cloud via virtual desktop collections.
  • User and session management: managing communications with users is also not a problem since users can be approached by sending those messages and notifications. In the same way, session management is an easy task as well.
  • Multi-tenant / segregation features: with this feature, better collaboration is possible for multiple Remote desktop clients and multiple RDS Servers groups per RDS collection.

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MachPanel Automation modules for Remote Desktop Services

MachPanel is the right provider when it comes to Remote Desktop Services. With only an internet connection, you can make the best use of allocated hardware and thus stay in control of your resources while your employees work from home efficiently. The Hosted platform delivers promising services in a cost-effective manner as companies struggle to keep up with economic pressures. MachPanel provides an Automation module for Remote Desktop Services which provides a single access panel to Manage RDS Collections, RDS Virtual Desktop collections, RDS Servers, user’s associations, and all it needs for a business to keep the workflow smooth.

Get your hands on MachPanel and discover the endless opportunities that come with Remote Desktop software.

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