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How to maintain a strong office culture while remote working


Remote working has been around for a while. Ever since the 2020 pandemic hit the world, people have seen Remote working as an opportunity. Businesses from SMEs to enterprises are considering remote working as a way to increase employee productivity, thus improving the overall financial gains. However, with remote working, there are a lot to note. 

Maintaining a strong culture is one thing, keeping them engaged with the teams is another challenge. Leaders and managers have a lot on their plate to keep the corporate synergy intact.

Here are 7 Ways to Maintain Office Culture with Remote Working:

Conduct audits frequently

Whether you are remote working or working in person, auditing is an important activity. Being a team lead requires making improvements in the corporate culture and for that, you need a lot of audit reports to know where to start. With Audits, you’ll be able to know the reasons certain things are going the way they are.

Take leadership to another level

Working remotely requires a mindful approach to handling things. To increase employee productivity, it is essential to communicate effectively. Team leads must go for the “open doors” policy.

Define better remote working policies

Many times, remote working is translated to all time working. Being a good team leader, not only should you define work policies but also know how to maintain a work-life balance.  It’s important to set clear boundaries, ensure that the employees are spending their energy in the right areas, and promote wellness at work.

Take lead to invest in the right tools

With remote working, there is a need to deploy the right tools for the corporate synergy needed in teams of today. Not only management tools, but cloud-based communication tools are equally important.

Know what your employees think

It’s important to counsel your employees and know what they think of remote working. Are they happy working remotely, or are they eager to join the physical workspace if given an opportunity? 

Show creativity with technology

Technology has evolved a lot since the last decade and for businesses operating remotely, it provides opportunities to establish gaming tournaments online. You can also start after-work happy hours with creative channels.

Keep the trust intact

Employees who are treated with trust are generally more productive than others. Connect with your employees and give them the energy needed to keep going in a virtual environment.


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