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Top 3 Benefits of Remote Desktop Services (RDS) for Modern Business


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) provides a virtually identical experience of your office workspace that you can access anywhere anytime.  The idea of Remote Desktop Services is to deliver a virtual PC over the internet for smooth business workflows. In the post pandemic world, remote working is now being considered the new norm. The technology has immensely helped business personnel to adapt to remote working. With a successfully setup RDS, you are able to take control of your computer over the cloud. All you need is a reliable internet connection and you are all set!

On the face of this technology, it seems like Businesses like enterprises benefit from Remote Desktop Services. However, as a matter of fact, businesses of all sizes can deploy and utilize Remote Desktop Services in their workspaces. From SME’s to large enterprises, RDS has got everyone covered.

How does RDS work?

The architecture behind this exciting technology involves an RDS Server and a Remote Desktop client. In order to access your computer residing in the office from home or anywhere else, you need to set up the remote desktop client app on the system you are accessing it from. Once that is done, the Remote app needs to access the required apps and content via an RDS server. The user has to be an authorized user in the first place. RDS has a potential for exploitations and cyber security attacks so Security is baked-in. Once the user is authenticated properly, the user can now access company files and apps via the connection between RDS server and Remote app.

How can businesses benefit from RDS?

To utilize the full potential of RDS, you need to set up the service with Microsoft Windows Server. Once that it set up, you can avail the following benefits for the organizations:

  • Easy access to heavy systems:

For remote working, employees require machines that they work on at their office workspace. Replicating an office based infrastructure including high processing systems to home systems is almost impossible. RDS provides ways to utilize the processing power of those systems residing in the office space without much hassle.

  • Business Cost-cutting on heavy machinery:

On one hand, RDS saves you from the hassle of replicating infrastructure and on the other hand it saves you buck big time. The only cost is to configure the servers (the machines would be there in the office already) with RDS.

  • Better management and service delivery:

The core idea is to provide an environment that ensures smooth business service delivery. With RDS, the data access is also quick and easy, so in case you are in the middle of a presentation and you need stats, RDS can come to the rescue.


MachPanel Automation Module for Remote Desktop Services

MachPanel Automation module for Remote Desktop Services provides best in line approaches to manage resources while you are working from outside of your office. With MachPanel your clients can enjoy end to end automation and you can offer a smooth RDS experience to them via the automation module for RDS. For improved productivity, a self-service portal is there with easy billing options to keep your work hassle-free. This way you can increase your revenue streams and have happy clients altogether.

Get on with MachPanel Automation module to offer Remote Desktop Services for a smooth and flawless remote working experience. 

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