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The pandemic bringing has brought an unexpected transformation in nature of working in organizations. A large proportion of employees working in organizations are unable to travel to work, to alleviate the spreading of the virus. This transformation has forced organizations to find alternative ways for the execution of work. Remote working is gaining importance nowadays because of the pandemic. Considerable increase in remote working arises the notable hurdles for organizations, few of them have resisted carrying out work from home protocols. Even organizations having employees functioning remotely will possibly look for technology like email servers and VPNs expanded by the people utilizing them.

Remote Desktop Service was initially introduced in Window NT 4.0 as a Terminal Service. This service enabled organizations to better manage and access the applications in such situations where an employee cannot get physical access to a PC. Such as in many organizations like hospitals, in a patient room, thin clients can be used which are cost-effective and easy to manage. This service is the main component of the virtualization strategy of Microsoft. Remote desktop service provides desktops and Window-based applications with server-hosted access. This eliminates the requirement of the installation of applications to run on individual workstations locally. It permits access of the applications to organizations and managed centrally also access is provided from the thin clients.

Remote Desktop Service is a centralized desktop platform that provides the opportunity to operate windows applications from any geographical location. The factor of scalability makes this service more reliable to meet the requirements of a company. Remote Display Protocol (RDP) performs the same function for the employees having non-Window devices. This solution provides windows applications such as Windows, iOS, Mac, and Andriod on any device. The user working remotely experiences the same environment as apps running on the local computer. Businesses do not need to worry in the case of standard desktop configuration. With RDS, user just has to set a connection between remote desktop services and their devices. Also switching among devices is quite a simple matter by just killing connection with an existing device and connecting with a new one.

The current situation has brought opportunities for hosting service providers to grow their businesses. Opportunities starts with the small steps that scale up current offerings to more strategic activities which in return begin the stream of revenue to the business. Service providers can take great benefit from the current situation of a pandemic where a number of employees are working from home. Some opportunities for the service providers are mentioned below:

  1. Scale-up offerings to be a hybrid IT provider 

A lot of service providers have already offer managed and private managed cloud services. Beside the benefits of revenue, services also assist in establishing great and long-term relation with the valuable customers. This relation can be established with detailed roadmap introduction for the adoption of cloud also about the associated values and assisting them to determine the applications and data that are convincing opportunities for cloud migration.

  1. Offering remote managed services 

Service provider may offer remote management services in case of Independent Software Vendor (ISV) if not having a data center for the customer private cloud. Revenue can not only be generated from the management services but also from the solutions and additional services.

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  1. Providing services to meet regulatory compliance 

In present time, various compliance regulations across several industries hits strongly. These regulations come with the opportunity for the service providers also for the system integrators to major in developing the vertical clouds according to the vertical industry standards.

  1. Offer Iaas, PaaS and services related to IoT

There is a huge opportunity for the system integrators to build a hybrid IT practice for solutions that involve IaaS, PaaS and IoT services. For a service provider, providing IaaS, PaaS, IoT and value-added services among several countries could be a cornerstone for growth in revenue. To take full advantage from business now service providers can fully automate their business using MachPanel.

Deliver Virtual Desktop Services Seamlessly with MachPanel

MachPanel offers the best opportunity for the service providers to have a seamless RDS experience with service delivery to multiple clients also with end-to-end automation. This product is enriched with the tendency to manage multiple sessions effectively at the same time. MachPanel also makes billing very simpler along with unified invoicing all in one package for multiple RDS services. With the availability of self-service management in the cloud, you can easily request and manage multi-tenant RDS services with complete control. MachPanel simplifies the management and the provisioning of multiple requests for various clients. MachPanel is a Microsoft Verified Multi-tenant Control Panel which also supports all the existing versions of Active Directory Synchronization, Skype for Business, Hyper-V, SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, and Window Web hosting.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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