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Improve business productivity with Remote Desktop Service


Remote desktop service offered by Microsoft is one of its kinds in the current cloud business space. In the world of high competition, organizations are always in search for better ways to achieve business productivity and Remote Desktop service is the exact solution. Remote Desktop Service allows companies’ employees to access Windows desktop Applications with just a stable internet connection. It is therefore very beneficial since the coronavirus outbreak has forced companies to opt for a work from home policy.

The modern Remote Desktop Services caters for Modern business needs

Formally known as Terminal Services, Remote Desktop Services have come a long way. The current Remote Desktop Services offers a secured and rich desktop sharing experience. This makes it possible for employee to work from anywhere. The experience allows you to work just like they are working on your own desktop systems.

Grow beyond the walls of your Office

By adopting Remote Desktops Services, companies have an opportunity to grow beyond the typical brick and mortar workplace. It also brings more business productivity in your cloud business. Some of the major benefits of RDS include:

  • Remote access: With RDS in place, you can access resources like hardware and GPU from anywhere in the world.
  • Better security: RDS powered by Microsoft comes packed with best in line security for businesses so the whole experience of desktop sharing is without the fear of any outside Cybersecurity threat
  • Unified administration: with a single portal, it has become easier for admins to manage resources for employees and create pools for them as well.
  • Better personalization: users can personalize their shared desktop according to their own work preferences.
  • Cost effective solution: with RDS in place, you get your hands on a whole lot of storage at minimal cost.

Remote Desktop is the Future of Workspace

With more companies opting for remote employees since the practice of social distancing is becoming a norm after COVID-19 outbreak, it is a practical idea to adopt Remote Desktop Services in your cloud business. With this, you can get a handful of remote workers which increase your business productivity on the basis of their skill that you require for your business.

MachPanel automation module for Remote Desktop Services

MachPanel is a robust platform for cloud business automation popular with CSPs for about two decades. Being the pioneers in the market, MachPanel’s experts offer the best services according to the growing demand in the cloud computing industry. Since remote working has been adopted by many organizations during the COVID-19 outbreak from the past many weeks, MachPanel has offered its Automation module for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. With Remote Desktop Service, companies can allow their employees to access shared desktops and resources residing in the workplace while the employees work in their homes in isolation.

How RDS Helps Combat Coronavirus Crises for Businesses

Why choose Remote Desktop Services for MachPanel?

MachPanel Automation module for RDS offers seamless delivery of virtual desktops for your employees while they work from home during COVID-19 crises and so you can transform the ways how you do business online. It provides end-to-end automation, unified invoicing, a single management portal with full control over resources and billing for your customers. With MachPanel, you can showcase, bundle and sell multi-tenant RDS services via customized storefront.

Get your hands on MachPanel for a smooth expansion of your business with RDS.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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