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Join Microsoft Teams Meeting and Experience “Collaboration” Redefined with Teams


When you join Microsoft Teams meeting, Microsoft has a lot to offer. The need to have a more genuine collaboration each day with collaboration based system that answers the state of the art meetups concerns. Collaboration experiences are enhancing day by day and Microsoft Teams Online has an updated set of features that let’s its users explore the system with no strings attached.

Microsoft Teams Meeting

Teams offer many out-of-the-box approaches towards a smooth collaborative environment so you can easily join Microsoft teams meeting.  First up is a content camera with an intelligent capture system. During any meeting, a console is shared with the meeting participants and whatever the presenter presents on the whiteboard is shared with the meeting participants intelligently by detecting, framing and cropping the whiteboard from background and surroundings. In this way, the meeting participants get a clearer view of the whiteboard and they stay more engaged towards the presentation.

There is no red tape in deploying the camera and it can be installed via a simple USB 2.0 cable. Once done, the camera is joined with the Meeting Room and device can be configured using Device Settings.

What is more to offer? A Ceiling Tile!

You read that right.  For an enhanced user experience, digital signal processors and ceiling tiles are certified from Microsoft that can be used in combination with Microsoft Teams online. So, Teams is focusing on a better user experience during meetups and presentations when you join Microsoft teams meeting. A combination of Teams Rooms in Teams Online, ceiling tiles and mic, cameras and DSPs, Teams can conquer Auditoriums and even multipurpose rooms for a full-fledge smooth sail.

Microsoft has even partnered with a few companies to provide one-window Meeting rooms solutions that include all you need for an excellent quality user experience in large rooms like display systems, sound bars integrated cameras etc. once you join Microsoft teams meeting.

The Icing on the Cake: A Simplified User Experience

Any Technology can only flourish in market if it has one quality: Simplicity. If it’s simple to use, it’ll be popular in no time. Teams have invested much on the user interface and know how to keep it simple yet effective at the time when you join Microsoft teams meeting. The user interface has been made consistent across all. With AI being an important aspect of the modern user experience these days, much is there to explore with Teams online and its upcoming updates.

The Planner tool

Microsoft Teams Planner tool redefines collaboration. Within O365, it is a full-fledge service that has been tightly coupled with Teams. Channel tabs can be connected to Planner and assign tasks to team members for a more streamlined workflow. Planner also allows for connecting content to tasks.

Once your main presentation or task is done, many-a-times, it needs to be shared with an external party. For this, Teams has an option to invite an external party to Teams and turn on Guest mode. Teams are a great collaborative tool that fits into every business effectively.

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MachPanel Automation module for Skype for Business Server

Collaboration is a term that is being redefined quite more often in recent years. MachPanel understand that and provides best-in-line collaboration and experience with Automation module for Skype4B. MachPanel supports Microsoft Hosted Skype for Business like no one else does with features like Enterprise Voice, Billing, Reporting, Dial Plans, Response Groups, Phone Numbers and Persistent Chat.  You can have a Dial In conference, experience easy federation management, easy to use voice billing and even plug in your in house API for a customized experience.

Get on board with MachPanel and get the right tools needed for a collaborative business.

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