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5 latest Microsoft Teams Features for a better cloud user experience


Developers at Teams have left cloud users bewildered again with more robust and exciting features addition to Teams. These new features are introduced recently and customers can get their hands on them now. Microsoft Teams always fosters collaboration and with Microsoft making Teams the major replacement of Skype for Business Server, MS Teams is slowly indulging all the Skype4B features to give the Skype for Business users a smooth transition to Microsoft Teams.

Here are five latest features and benefits of Microsoft Teams that you can utilize for a better cloud business performance:

  • Better Chat filtration

This one much needed feature is our favorite. This facilitates users who are used to on-going multiple conversations at the same time which is quite a norm. With this feature, users are able to track conversations from various threads at the right time. Filter a chat by typing a name of the person and add more filter properties like unread messages, or some keywords to filter by group. There you have it, your required piece of information. Chat filtration is a major benefit amongst other benefits of Microsoft Teams to cloud users.

  • Turn down the noise in channels

Notifications are really handy, but hey, they can be annoying at times. Microsoft Teams has got you covered in this aspect. Whenever you need to concentrate on work, you can simply set the notifications of conversations off of unnecessary conversations and stay notified for only the conversations you need the most.

  • An improved Cloud Voicemail

There’s so much in the cloud voice mail feature to offer. Now, benefits of Microsoft Teams to users include users being able to directly transfer a call to their Cloud Voicemail. Moreover, direct access to configure calls is provided to cloud users like choosing the greeting language, configuring call answer rules, customizing the TTS for the standard greeting, customizing the greeting while you are away from office and even setting up when the out-of-office greeting shall be played.

  • Reverse number look up, The new Caller ID

We are all familiar with Caller IDs. Teams has given it a new experience with a Reverse number lookup feature. There’s nothing better than answering a call while you know who’s on the other end and where the conversation must head to. In Teams, if a contact calls you, the name is displayed already but if a person (not a cloud user) calls you from their PSTN number, how can you tell his or her identity? Teams has an answer to that too. The system looks for PSTN Caller’s name on the basis of Azure Active Directory data and/or the Telco provided display name for a better user experience.

  • Instantly join a meeting with Meet Now

For spontaneous meeting, that aren’t scheduled in advance, you don’t have to wait for invitation process. With a Meet Now option available in Teams, you can join a Meeting instantly without an invite and simply add people to it. This offers a simplified user experience.

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