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Make Most out of Microsoft Teams | Broadcasting for a Cloud Business Live Event


A good way to publicize your cloud business events is to use Microsoft Teams to broadcast that event Live through a Microsoft Teams Channel. Once you broadcast your event you can mention Microsoft Teams all members so that they get notified of the live event.

Live broadcasts are very beneficial for businesses where ongoing events are a commonplace. Hosting live events facilitate the marketing aspects of business. People get to know more about your products and services and the customers can benefit from useful information regarding their subscribed services.

What is a Microsoft Teams Channel?

Since team is group of people who come together to get some work done, this can be a task, project, or maintenance of whole system, it is made up of Channels. Channels are your interactions with your teammates which includes conversations on a specific topic, project or department. Your teammates actually get the work done on a dedicated channel. You can have audio and video conversations, share files, add apps and much more to get the project completed.

How to broadcast live event for Microsoft Teams all members

For a Live event broadcast where you wish to tag Microsoft teams all members via a suitable Microsoft Teams channel, it is necessary to have an Office 365 License. Then, you can go for the Live event in a few clicks as described in following steps:

  • Go to Meeting Tab and press “New Meeting”
  • From the drop-down menu choose the option New Live Event
  • Every Live event has to have some information related to the event, you need to fill up the form and mention the Title of the event, Location of the event and a few other details related to the event
  • There is an option to set your event to be public to be shared with audience outside of your office 365 tenant or you can make it private to be shared with only Microsoft Teams all members
  • Generate link to your live event as a presenter and share the link so that the audience can join your event.

A Live event can bring big business and be beneficial for in-house Microsoft Teams all members for a progressive project and, in a broader sense, cloud business.

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MachPanel Automation module for Microsoft CSPs and Microsoft Skype4B

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MachPanel also provides Microsoft Skype for Business Server On-premises services. It has gained popularity all over the business space for Business Communication. MachPanel offers Hosted Skype for Business features like Enterprise Voice, Billing, Reporting, Dial Plans, Response Groups, Phone Numbers and Persistent Chat. It is a complete Enterprise Voice Solution. It offers centralized management for Providers, Resellers and Customers.

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