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A look into Upgrading from Skype4B Online to Teams – 2019 Edition


With the release of Skype for Business Online 2019, much talk is surrounding the topic of upgrading from Skype for Business Online to Teams. It is because, Microsoft Teams is surely there to stay for future and its high time companies making the upgrade to eventually stay in line with the current digital communication trends.

Skype for Business Online to Teams Framework

Microsoft has been assisting in introducing new ways to upgrade to upgrade from Skype for Business Online to Teams. Recently, a Skype for Business Online to Teams Framework was introduced for a smooth and streamlined end-to-end approach of upgrading Skype for Business Online to Teams. In this Way all tasks are shifted smoothly from Skype for Business Online to Teams. In this method, the process is broken down into 5 different steps:

  • Define Core Stakeholders of the Project
  • Define the Scope of the Project
  • Devise a plan for user Readiness and Technical Readiness
  • Deploy and implement plan
  • Practice Operational Excellence

The Upgrade Timeline

Microsoft has also put forward an upgrade Timeline in order to make sure that all the up gradations are done in a phase-by phase manner and no step is missed which leads to anomalous switch. There are three basic phases: the Pre-Upgrade Phase, the Upgrade Phase and the Post- Upgrade phase.

The Pre upgrade phase: In this phase, there are a number of Sub-phases each with a different purpose.

  • Planning: In this step, the stake holders are defined along with the scope and vision of upgrade from Skype for Business Online to Teams. Goals, risks and risk mitigation plans are identified. An upgrade timeline is defined along with appropriate upgrade & coexistence strategy
  • Preparing: In this phase, the environment and organizational readiness to change is assessed, networks are optimized and users are prepared for the upgrade. Further, the launch date of Teams into the organization is announced and the IT staff is prepared for Microsoft Teams.
  • Running Pilot: the pilot logistics are outlined, participants and test scenarios are selected. Then, test plans are designed and the pilot is conducted. Once pilot is run, learning’s are assessed before Deployment is done from Skype for Business Online to Teams.
  • Deploying Teams along with Skype for Business Online: In this phase, Teams is launched and both S4B and Teams are run in parallel. It is important to stay informed of the Teams roadmap.

Upgrade phase: in this phase, the actual upgrade is implemented from Skype for Business Online to Teams. Before executing the upgrade, it is important to know if all pre-upgrade activities are done. First upgrade group communication is initiated, coexistence mode is set to “Teams Only” mode for first group and then for all preceding groups and at the end, post-upgrade feedback survey is sent.

The Post Upgrade Phase: In this phase the success of upgrade is measured. Mitigation plans are also implemented and network health is monitored using automated tools.

MachPanel and Automation module for Skype for Business Server 2019

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