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What Changes OAuth 2.0 brings to Skype for Business Users


According to an announcement from Microsoft last month, Microsoft has decided to implement Microsoft Identity Platform 2.0 for added security which uses OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol. OAuth 2.0 is an established method that is used by third-party apps to access web-hosted resources via a third-party app ID. With this announcement, changes are expected for Skype for Business IP Phones. Looks like IT professionals have to make a few changes by 1st July 2019 or the phones won’t authenticate to Microsoft services

What is OAuth 2.0?

Typically, OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol is used for providing authentication to specific flows to third party apps. This is one step ahead of the original OAuth authorization protocol. It provides authorization flows for desktop applications, web applications, mobile phones, and smart devices.

The changes to be implemented

The phones will require applying a firmware update with the consent of the organization.  The Partners of Microsoft phone like AudioCodes, Polycom, Yealink and Crestron have almost finalized the new OAuth 2.0 firmware updates for Skype for Business user’s phones. In order to stay in-line with Microsoft’s implementation of OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol, IT professionals will have to apply firmware, as mentioned earlier, and they also have to agree to the terms and conditions of using the new firmware through “consent URL”. By means of a consent URL, each vendor will have to provide the consent only once and not for every phone device.

Who will be affected?

The update is applicable to those Skype for Business Users who are using phones having a 3PIP firmware using a Skype for Business Online environment and to Skype for Business hybrid w/ Modern Auth enabled. Those customers who have adopted 3PIP firmware but have an on-premises setup of Skype for Business deployed are not affected by this update. In addition to this, customers with a Skype for Business hybrid but Modern Auth disabled are also not going to be affected from this Microsoft announcement with the implementation of OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol.

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