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Microsoft Teams new features foster Work From Home


Work From Home has been a norm in the IT industry from the past couple of years. After the advent of COVID-19 this year, a lot of companies that never had remote working policies had to make their employees work from home. MS Teams is equipped with features like Microsoft Teams group video call that enable employees to work remotely and still stay in line with the happenings of the workplace via next-level collaboration.

What are the new features of Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams has recently announced rolling out new features for better collaboration. Teams are committed to reimagine virtual collaboration for the future of work and learning. Teams feature like meeting controls, larger gallery, Meeting notes, together mode, and many others are being rolled out.

We’ll take a look in a while.

But first, you’ll have to turn it on

In your Microsoft Teams desktop app, select a profile pic. Then Go to Settings > General.

Turn on new meeting experience and Restart the app.

New Meeting and Calling Experience in Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams group video call

There are a few new meeting controls on the top of the meeting screen. They are available for access at all times and do not become a hurdle in the way of content sharing.

  • Larger Gallery

With this feature, you’ll be able to see 49 videos streaming all at once. The minimum number of attendees needed for this view is 10.

  • Together Mode

With this mode one, you’ll feel like all of the attendants in a meeting are in the same place. It is a fun way to interact and make you feel you and your meeting attendants are together in a meeting room. Minimum 5 participants are needed in a meeting in Together mode.

  • Meeting Notes

Now you can easily take meeting notes right from within Microsoft Teams. You can either take notes from a meeting notes tab or open a side panel that opens alongside the meeting screen.

The Microsoft Teams has remarkably been an important element in online collaboration. Businesses also opt for other remote collaboration services like Remote Desktop Services, Work Folders, and Windows Virtual Desktop services.


MachPanel Turnkey Services

In the highly competitive market, it is always time-consuming and costly to set up collaboration solutions like Remote Desktop services, Skype for Business Server from scratch. Not only does it require a skilled IT team to set up the services at your end but it may also hinder business flow for a few days which is indeed costly. MachSol offers enterprise turnkey services for various Microsoft accredited products that can keep your business flow smoother than you think while you migrate to the modern collaborative solutions that can be used in combination with Microsoft Teams for a next Level collaborative experience.

MachPanel is a robust turnkey solutions provider platform where you can get Microsoft’s services like Microsoft Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, Dynamics 365 CRM, Hyper V, and Skype for Business Server on-prem deployment. MachSol also provides hybrid deployment so if you are not ready for a full on-prem or deployment or cloud-based services, you can always opt for the hybrid thing.

Why MachSol?

Modern businesses also opt for business automation services for better collaboration within a company via SharePoint Sites, Microsoft Exchange Services, Hyper V, Dynamics 365 CRM (for better Customer services), and many more. Our experts are more than ready to analyze business requirements. MachSol is equipped with the latest infrastructure to deploy and implement those services without major disruption to your business flow.

Stay aligned with the latest offerings from Microsoft and get them through the turnkey services offered by MachSol.

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