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Secure remote working is necessary for better productivity while business operates in a Hybrid model in the Post Covid-19 environment. Security is essential for productivity because having secured and smooth access to your documents and files can make your employees work better. A Work Folders setup is essential to execute business operations in hybrid mode.

What are Work Folders used for?

Work Folders is a solution that fosters “sync share “ i.e. users can get access to synchronized folders via a central server. The original server may be located at a far-off location from the systems accessing the folders. Many times, companies who have remote working employees, or are working under a work-from-home policy, rely on Work Folders to keep the business flow going smoothly.

Security is crucial to business

No one can deny the fact that in today’s cloud-centric environment, security has become a top-notch issue to tackle. While Work Folders make user data available to remote locations, at the same time there is an increasing threat of data breach while the information is being shared between Client and server. This is business data and is considered sensitive. There is a need to implement the latest security methods to protect the business data from any malicious attack within a work folder setup.

How to Increase Productivity and Information Security Using Work Folders?

  • Invest in a secured Storage

A data breach is very common and requires top-notch security methods in place. It’s high time that officials adopt a security-first approach and protect their data from falling into wrong hands. A data breach can not only leak the company secrets but also makes the company deal with non-compliance consequences.

  • Secure your Access controls

It is best to implement granular access control for each folder being shared. Thus, it minimizes the risk of data leaks and unnecessary data access by those who are not concerned with it. It is always difficult to manage access controls manually. So, a solution is needed for it. 

With the Right Access Control mechanism in place, you can manage who can access, download, edit and upload files. It is best to implant secure remote working solutions that are best for the business. 

  • Improved project managed

Better security practices lead to efficient management. With the right tools in place, the project managers do not have to worry about security vulnerabilities and malicious activities. They can focus on the project’s progress with detailed reporting.


MachPanel Automation module for Work Folders

MachPanel is a diverse platform that provides you all the many reasons to stay ahead of the curve in today’s competitive cloud-centric environment. Its automation module for Work Folders lets you do more with less. The all-in-one data synchronization and accessibility solution let you expand your customer base with Hosted Microsoft Work Folders. It offers detailed reporting, showcasing, selling and billing capabilities, Quota management, and many business-oriented features to foster your business.

Enjoy smooth and secure remote working with MachPanel. Get your subscription today.

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