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How Work Folders syncing files solution interoperates with other file server technologies


No doubt, Work Folders sync has made it place in the cloud business environment despite the ever popular OneDrive for business. It is still important to understand the interoperability of Work Folders syncing files solution with other File server technologies. Today in this blog, we’ll introduce you to a few terms necessary to understand this interoperability.

File Classification Infrastructure (FCI)

This makes classification of files easier and once the files are classified, Windows mechanisms and partner solutions can be applied on those files. There’s a classification engine that detects any changes in the files and classifies them according to rules defined.

RMS Encryption

This encryption is used to protect sensitive data in the cloud business. This is deployed on FCI (mentioned above). Once the file is being classified, if it meets appropriate policy, it gets RMS encrypted. At server, it is considered a change, so whenever a client of Work Folders polls for a change, the latest RMS encrypted file is downloaded. In this way, RMS gives admins to have control over the security of their data.

Quotas and File Screen

At the server, admins have the authority to configure quotas and file screens for Sync shares. For instance, a user uploads a file to a server which doesn’t meet admins’ specifies file screen policy, the upload will fail. In the same way, if the number of uploads of a user exceeds a limit, the quota defined, the upload will fail.

DFS Replication

DFS replication is used when files have to be replicated to different file server locations. It is important to know the data and its direction of replication. The data can be either the user data, Work Folders sync database and Staging folder. It is important to note that the staging Folder, i.e. the SyncShareState folder, shall never be replicated. With Microsoft Work Folders syncing files solution, only one way replication is allowed: Read-only replication in the cloud business.

Dynamic Access Control (DAC)

Typically, two areas are related to DAC interoperability with Work Folders which are: discovery and data access. The first area, discovery, happens while the devices of Work Folders is being set up. It won’t use Dynamic Access Control, rather, each sync share is linked with a security group in the cloud business.

Once configured, the data on device goes through sync phase. The server accesses the data after each authentication in a sync session and then all NTFS File permissions are assigned (including DAC).

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