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Important considerations to setup a Work Folders client


A Work folder client lets you access files and other data from a hosted server. This is a very useful thing for cloud businesses. To set up a Work Folders client, there are many considerations to take. A successful Work Folders deployment requires various technologies working together under the right configuration. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of the basic considerations for a successful Work Folders implementation

  • Basic Software Requirements 

For a successful Work Folders deployment, you need to have a server running at least Windows Server 2012 R2 or ideally Windows Server 2016. Your clients will access that and have shared pools over the server. . This way your clients can share synced documents with the Work Folders. The file system needs to be NTFS for file storage. It is also beneficial if there is a strong password policy on the work folders client.

  • Choose Your Deployment

There are a few deployment scenarios for Work Folders to be implemented. The deployment scenarios are based on how much scaling is required based on the client needs. There are three basic scenarios:

  • Single site Deployment:

If your client is an SME or a startup, This is an ideal deployment. The basic file server is hosted in a central location within the customer infrastructure. IT is easier to administer by the IT staff. With a single Site deployment, there is no need to have a local file server, since the basic file server can be accessed via WAN connection.

  • Multiple Site Deployments:

Since multiple data centers exist, File servers are hosted in multiple locations in a multiple site deployment. You need to have your servers setup efficiently. This is, thus, ideal for larger customer environments and organizations having branches set up geographically apart.

  • Hosted Deployments:

In this type of deployment, IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) solution is implemented like Windows Azure VM. This makes file server availability regardless of the WAN connectivity. 

  • Number of Sync Servers

Each Work Folders  client has a different requirement. Each deployment is based on three: The Geographic distribution of users, Data storage requirements and Load balancing.


Data security requirements in Work Folders

To ensure data security to beef up the overall security, it is important to identify the groups that will be provided access to sync share. It is also important to enable Multi-factor authentication.

MachPanel Automation module for Work Folders

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