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Microsoft SharePoint CMS new features for better collaborative environment


A rule of thumb: Good content, that makes you content, is only possible by good content management.

Microsoft SharePoint has always been successful in keeping its customers content with a promising Content management system. Giving a collaborative environment and offering users to make best use of a CMS which caters the state-of-the-art requirements in technology, cloud business and social sharing.

There are many features in Microsoft SharePoint that make it a great content management system to work with like Asset Library, which manages users’ media assets like audio and video content. Furthermore, there is a content organizer that sets content to autopilot with a set of routing rules that locate the relevant content to appropriate location in the library. In addition to this, a managed Meta data service allows you to specifically define formal and informal Meta data which come handy while using the next feature on the list: Metadata-driven navigation. Users are even facilitated with a feature of sharing content types amongst site collections

New Actions for SharePoint CMS in Flow

Enhancing user experience of SharePoint CMS, Microsoft has introduced two new document management actions for SharePoint in Flow. Using Microsoft Flow, the flow of document check-out is automated. Flow authors will now be able to check-out the document, make necessary edits and finally check-in the file to library. This is made available via SharePoint connector.

Activity Highlights

In the File Hover Card, the Activity Highlights feature is being provided for a better user experience to customers. With this, you can have a quick look at the usual activities in the documents that you are an author of.

Bulk Approval

Finally, many steps automated into a single step of approving pending documents. Now you can select multiple documents pending for selection and approve them in one go, an easier approach to automate tasks in your cloud business.  You can also do the same if you wish to reject the documents. Daunting tasks, made simple.

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MachPanel Automation module for Microsoft SharePoint

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