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Work Folders Clients Benefits to Customers | An Overview


In modern days, Work Folder clients provide immense benefits to businesses in terms of flexibility and increasing customer base. Once the clients and providers have Work Folders set up at their site, you can experience constant user experience across different devices. In the world of BYOD, Microsoft has made things easier for experts and officials by offering Hosted Microsoft Work Folders.

How does hosted Work Folders facilitate business?

In the online business space, Work folders setup is such a game-changer. With Work Folders, the customers can easily access their data over the internet, thereby reducing the need of being present in the office at all times. The data can also be accessed on devices like Android, iPad and iPhone. Thus, the compulsion of windows devices is lifted under Work Folders technology. There are no more hidden caches and file syncing is created for next-level user experience.

Work Folders and Data Security 

Security has always been a top priority of Microsoft under all its technologies. It is without a doubt that once the data is accessible via the internet and not just VPN, the data can be intercepted and security breaches may occur. 

However, Microsoft has stated that very precisely and various techniques have been enforced for data protection like Encryption and Wipe, Encryption on the wire (via https) and Device password enforcement. All these features attract customers so that their data is accessible as well as safe:

  • Device password enforcement

A group policy is essential to enforce passwords. It can however, not reach the unmanaged devices. A basic privacy policy is provided under Work folders setup to make admins sure about the protection of devices.

  • Folder Redirection (FR) or not?

Another feature is Folder Redirection that helps in Accessing sensitive information/content under special folders. This feature is used in combination with Offline Files to allow access to applications and files that exist offline.

  • Data protection (encryption and wipe)

To avoid data leakage, Work Folders offers the admin’s data encryption facility for better management of unmanaged devices.

  • Encryption on the wire with HTTPS

SSL is the latest technology to be used alongside HTTP for better protection. Work Folders is based on those standards for better security.

A happy customer is a repeat customer

Indeed, each business is looking for ways to increase its customer base. By making use of Work Folders in a hosted environment, your customers will be happy to pull off all of their work-related data onto their devices – remotely.


MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Work Folders

MachPanel is a platform that provides Multi-Cloud Service Delivery. Its Automation module for Microsoft Work Folders provides Data synchronization and accessibility solutions. It provides you the feature of file access based on individual user roles. The all-in-one syncing platform is the solution for enterprise file storage and syncing. The whole integrated environment can be managed in a central manner with multiple end-to-end user devices.

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