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Cloud Automation: Use Cases and Benefits for Cloud Businesses


Adopting modern Cloud Automation solutions is a key to reduce overall costs of cloud business management with a centralized environment. In addition to this, there has been a whopping 94% of improvement in overall business security. 

What is cloud automation and why should you bother?

Ever since the world adopted cloud computing technology, its future has been unpredictable. In the initial days, making the shift to the cloud was a big game-changer in the business and market. However, now it has become the need of business and every business relies on this technology for data and cloud. 

So where does the automation fit in?

Deploying and operating enterprise workloads is time consuming. There have been a lot of repetitive and laborious processes like redundant billing procedures, understanding cloud budgets was a painstaking task and many others. With cloud automation all of this is streamlined using Cloud automation tools. The laborious processes are automated and the ultimate goal with cloud automation is to reduce manual efforts.

With cloud automation, one major component that has been improved is security. Cloud automation also caters to the scalability needs of companies opting DevOps. In general, there are 3 types: private cloud automation, hybrid cloud automation, and multi-cloud automation.

What are a few use cases where cloud automation can be applied to?

  • Infrastructure provisioning

Configure multiple virtual servers is a time consuming task. With cloud automation tools, such tasks are automated where a template is defined based on how an individual virtual server needs to be configured. Other cloud resources like network setups, storage buckets etc. can be configured using cloud automation tools based on your provider. Such type of provisioning is known as infrastructure as a Code or IaC tool.

  • Application deployment

Another key use case is Application deployment. Developers often face difficulties in releasing apps to production environments and testing if everything works fine as it had been in the development environment. Cloud automation tools support continuous integration and continuous delivery platforms for easy deployment.

  • Data classification

Another use case that will be very well applicable in near future is Data classification and discovery. Cloud automation tools are capable of automatically scanning cloud environments for sensitive data. Such a task, if done by hand, would be extremely laborious. Deploying the right tools also makes enterprises meet compliance goals.


Cloud Automation Vs Orchestration

Cloud automation and orchestration both are closely related to automation in general. However, the key difference is that Cloud automation mostly revolves around automation of individual processes whereas cloud orchestration automates entire cloud computing workflows.

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft CSP

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