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How Microsoft Teams portal can benefit shift workers


Microsoft Teams portal has the potential to connect an entire organization under one platform. From C-suit personnel to the first line employees, Microsoft Teams portal has got everyone covered. The features of Microsoft Teams help facilitate IT help desk, customer support staff, line workers etc. Teams have the potential to unlock the productivity for shift workers. Read further to learn how you can implement Teams in favor of your shift workers:

  1. Walkie Talkie

With common digital business communications features like chat, video calls, voice notes, Microsoft Teams portal is soon to launch a feature titled Walkie Talkie. This push-to-talk feature implements a traditional walkie-talkie experience over the cloud resulting in a smooth and clear voice result at both ends. At the time of this writing, the feature is in Preview mode and is expected to become a part of the official Teams app in the first half of 2020.

  1. Streamline Task Management

The new Teams portal features different levels of Teams collaboration. For better task management, Tasks targeting, publishing and reporting is coming to Teams which allows leadership to delegate tasks lists to relevant locations and be able to track progress. The shift workers will always have a task to do after they finish off the current task in line.

  1. The introduction of “Shifts”

For shift workers, this is the basic feature that can manage their tasks well in time. Team’s users can easily plan, and create Shift schedules. As a response, employees can make shift change requests that can be catered. All in real time through their mobile phones. With Time Clock feature, managers can geofence a specific location and use to make sure if the employees are at their worksite or not.

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  1. Workforce Management System Integration

Teams provide the flexibility to companies to integrate their workforce management systems into Teams via a set of Graph APIs. So, for customers using third party Workforce Management Systems, such as JDA for scheduling and Kronos, direct integration into Teams has now become easy with Shifts Graph APIs and SDK.

  1. Latest Teams controls beneficial for first line workers

A few other latest controls include Off-Shift Access controls, SMS sign-in; Shared device sign-out, Delegated user management and many others are also in preview mode and will be out in 2020 for a better digital business communications experience.

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