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A look into Microsoft Teams Security & Compliance


Security is a prime area of focus for Cloud technologies. Microsoft Teams Security and all other Microsoft Products like Office 365, Azure, Exchange adhere to high level of security standards currently popular in the tech industry. Since Microsoft Teams is the thing of the future where most collaboration within the business space amongst employees will be encouraged, it is necessary that it should comply to best industry standards. Let’s have a look into the security aspects of Microsoft Teams.

Security Compliance

Microsoft Teams is built on Office 365 hyper-scale, enterprise-grade cloud with the best security compliance which ensures Microsoft Teams Security. It is a Tier D compliant product having industry leading compliance commitments. This includes standards like ISO 27001, HIPAA, and EU Model Clauses (EUMC), ISO 27018, SSAE16 SOC 1 and SOC 2. It also supports Cloud Security Alliance compliance.

Security Approaches

There are many approaches included in Teams for more secured operations.  One of them is team-wide and organization-wide two-factor authentication. Another is single sign-on through Active Directory. In Microsoft Teams Security aspects, the experts have made sure that the Data storage mechanism is equipped with Encryption of data at rest and also data that is in transit.

There are a few great additions to Teams is the Auditing and Reporting Feature, eDiscovery, mobile application management and chats and files management. The information protection Architecture for Microsoft Teams is a robust architecture which ensures Microsoft Teams security with a secured data flow between Exchange and SharePoint for Teams Files and Messages.


eDiscovery is an important aspect of Teams. With eDiscovery, you can identify, collect and produce electronically stored information (ESI) when a request is received for any investigations needed for a law suit. A few capabilities are: preservation of information,  case management, export of Teams data and  search, analysis of chats, messages, meetings etc. in addition to this, a summary of all meetings is made available in eDiscovery for later use.

Data Location for Security

The location of Data is important for its security. In Teams, Data resides in geographic regions that are associated with Office 365. In this way, there’s no outage during a calamity. For example, if your data resides on the east coast and a storm is coming on the west coast, the data will be transferred from data centers at east coast to data centers at west coast, resulting in a smooth delivery of service and no interruptions during your business operations.

For a more secured data control, the privacy aspects are also quite reliable. The data stored in OneDrive and SharePoint Online resides there within the tenant and Microsoft has no access to uploaded content. Even email and documents aren’t scanned for non-service relates purposes.

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