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Four ways Microsoft Teams benefits collaboration within cloud organizations


A few months back, The Verge reportedly that, in cloud businesses of today, Microsoft Teams is gaining more popularity than any other cloud-based Team management software with a huge customer base of 13 million using Teams on daily basis.

Microsoft Teams is diverse. Microsoft Teams is intense. Teams benefits are huge and Teams is everything that is needed by a cloud-based business for modern-day collaboration. You heard it Right. Teams conquers all the rest. With Teams, nothing can hold back your team.

What makes Teams stand out from others? Firstly, it’s backed by Microsoft with top-notch integrated chat, video calls, file sharing features and many more.  Secondly, here are four reasons how Teams benefits a cloud business:

  • Teams Gives priority to Quick Communication: Ever had a situation where you lose a client by a few seconds? That’s very common in the fast-paced communication era of today and Teams knows that best. For time sensitive communication, Teams benefits customers by providing a feature of Priority notifications to cloud business Providers where your device keeps on pinging your recipients’ device, until you finally get their attention.
  • Easy communication management across Teams: with abundant communication, you seldom lose control of what was needed when, and who is going to approve the document list not to forget which email is to be forwarded to whom. Here comes the communication management part which is made easy with features like Announcements, Channel cross posting and Channel moderation (the latter two features haven’t been rolled out yet, but are in process)
  • Easier Schedule management at work: There’s a Time Clock feature that allows users to log their work timings right from Teams. Another feature is @mentioning where you can send one message to all people with the same role (e.g. @cashiers)
  • The Teams Ecosystem: Teams has got all that is needed for a complete calling solution with features like Call recording for compliance, Contact center solutions and integration with Workforce management and Microsoft 365 partners.

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MachPanel Automation Module for CSPs and Skype for Business

Teams is the communication tool of tomorrow. MachPanel is a cloud-based Automation control Panel of today. The “born-in-the-cloud” Control Panel, MachPanel is all you need for a promising end-to-end business management platform. With MachPanel, you can Showcase Bundle & Sell, Own & Control the billing, get latest and Detailed Reporting & Analytics, monitor pulse of your business and make better informed decisions with BI Dashboard and much more. The No. 1 Platform for CSPs is all you need for successful cloud business automation.

Since Skype for Business Server is soon going to be merged into Teams, MachPanel offers state-of-the-art support for all the Skype4B integration needs of today. Features like Enterprise Voice, Billing, Reporting, Dial Plans, Response Groups, Phone Numbers and Persistent Chat are all supported. There are SIP Gateways to facilitate your communications and Call reports to make you manage your calls.

Head over to MachPanel for a smooth cloud-business journey which caters all the needs of today and tomorrow.

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