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Good bye traditional Business Phones, Microsoft Teams collaboration killer feature is here


Every business owner wants to opt for a results-driven strategy in this time of adopting cloud-first approach and Microsoft Team’s Collaboration is the answer to that. Deploying best-in-line solutions with the top-notch infrastructure is the gateway to successful business.

Microsoft Teams is for team management, Teams is for content management but above all, Teams is for Collaboration. A lot of young entrepreneurs having opted for O365 already are taking up Microsoft Teams for many reasons. But the killer feature is Microsoft Teams ability to cater your needs for a full-fledged Cloud business Phone System with its great digital business phone capabilities.

A decent replacement of your Business Phone

Microsoft Teams give your business the edge to cater for in-house and out-bound communication with the Microsoft Teams collaboration experience. Whether it is your employees communication for a team meeting within the same office space or with teams in another workplace, Microsoft Teams cater for collaboration needs in the changing environment with companies opting for the cloud-first approach.

Suitable Calling Plans

There are many options available to cloud business owners in terms of calling plans that can be opted for digital business phone according to various teams’ phone usage within the business. For example, if the HR team only make local calls while the sales team has both domestic and international usage of phone calls, you can opt for a calling plan where you don’t have to pay extra for the international calls that were never made by the HR team under the plan. This gives you the flexibility of payment and a great Microsoft team’s collaboration experience.

In addition to this, the Teams Phone system possesses a lot of other features of a decent digital business phone like call answering and initiating, video conferencing, integrated dial pad, call forwarding, holding and retrieving, simultaneous ringing, mail voice, emergency calling and call history maintenance in its full-fledge cloud business phone system.

Unlike traditional business phones, Microsoft Teams is not limited to a fix piece of hardware, rather it is accessible from a PC, Laptop, Tablet or even a smartphone.  There are many hardware companies offering Teams compatible head-sets and other devices like integrated cameras and special tiles having integrated microphone to make the Teams Presentation experience more robust and bring clarity to the audience. Microsoft Teams is a complete cloud business phone system beneficial for any cloud business.

“Collaboration” Redefined with Microsoft Teams

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Skype for Business

Microsoft Skype for Business Server is currently a great collaboration platform for business users. MachPanel provides Complete Orchestration for Hosted Skype for Business Service Providers and Enterprises. The best-in-line platform for cloud Provision and management supports Multi-tenancy and Segregation for Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019, 2015 & Lync 2013. With all the top-notch features of a business Phone system integrated well into the platform, MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Skype for Business provides Enterprise Voice, Reporting, Phone Numbers, Persistent Chat, Dial Plans, Billing and Response Groups for a smooth collaboration experience.

Get on board with MachPanel and take the meaning of business collaboration to a next level.

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