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4 ways to empower your cloud business with Power BI Analytics


Analytics is the key to a successful cloud business decision making. It is only through proper use of Power BI Analytics and data analysis is that the storage of data is actually beneficial in any enterprise’s data center.  Microsoft’s Power BI has helped enterprise in this regard. Many cloud businesses have taken advantage of analytics and utilized the service to make informed decisions. Power BI is a robust analytical product and a one stop platform for all the analytical needs.

Advantages of Power BI in multiple business scenarios

Power BI Analytics is very diverse in approach. Various cloud businesses can utilize the product power bi data analyticsaccording to their business needs. Power BI has the potential to be used in many scenarios depending upon organizational needs. There are many features of Power BI suitable for any type of organization.

Let’s analyses a few scenarios and how Power BI can be beneficial for those cloud businesses:

Analysis of Salesforce data and Power BI

A typical Company may have sales data in Salesforce. The sales team might be interested in collaborating extensively and improve pipeline activity across multiple regions. The company can utilize Power BI connectors for Salesforce. Content can be easily created using Power BI Desktop App after querying data. The content can be published to a power BI service for a better collaboration between Sales Teams. Afterwards, the Power BI content can be surfaced to Microsoft Teams.

Blending of Data Lake Data with Attribute data

If a company has a data lake established and wishes to take out value from that raw data, Power BI Analytics can be utilized in an excellent manner here. Power BI can query data from Data Lake. You can then ingest Attribute data in excel. The options of Blend and Transform are there to utilize from the Platform. Once blending is done, you can create content and use it for sharing and collaboration.

Self Service Analytics

Power BI also caters for IT driven Analytics where content is created by IT based on data that comes from an enterprise Data warehouse. This is done by Enabling Self Service Analytics on the curated data for the company.

Semantic Layer in Power BI

Even Companies who are still running on Excel with macros can utilize Power BI Analytics features. These companies require data maintenance and so they can streamline and automate their data and take benefit from Power BI features. The maintenance can be done by decoupling the data from Excel completely. Once that is done, it is important to house business logic into the system and establish a Semantic Layer in Power BI. This way, data will become more manageable than it is in Excel sheets.


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