Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

An insight into features of a Managed Cloud Service, beneficial to your Cloud Business


A simple truth is: Every cloud business has to be managed by someone. So, managed cloud allows the business officials to managed services of cloud computing according to their business needs without being an expert in that domain. In general, business can either manage cloud computing services on their own, or hire an expert to do the job professionally.

People who prefer to do things on their own opt for the first option: DIY cloud management, Nevertheless, there comes many phases where expert opinion or assistance is required and that makes them take the second option: Hire a Cloud Expert.

What is a Managed Cloud Service Provider?

A managed cloud provider allows its customers to opt for IT services that they wish to manage on their own and the rest of the services are left to the Service Provider to be managed. Services like infrastructure management and application level support are included in a Managed cloud service. Engineers at Managed Cloud Providers’ team are able to cater for networking and storage requirements, operating systems issues, more complex scenarios like tools and apps that are run on top of the basic or complex infrastructure.

Services of a Managed Cloud Service Provider

There are many technical and non-technical services provided by a managed cloud provider like DNS management, Architecture guidance, System monitoring, alerting, and reporting, A single point of contact for support, Security and compliance management, Performance testing and tuning, Database administration, System administration and operations (Ops), Developer support and training, Proactive communications and 24×7 support, Backup and disaster recovery solutions.

NextGen V/s Conventional Managed Service Providers

Enterprises needs evolve with more cloud adoptions and the need for agility and flexibility in combination with cost-effective solutions is ever-growing. Traditional managed service providers are not able to keep up the pace with the growing trends of cloud computing space. This leads to an evolution of next generation cloud providers that offer migration support with updates on daily basis, offer customization services and multi-cloud technologies.

MachPanel Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

MachPanel is a Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform that brings together the needs of the NextGen businesses in a user-friendly manner. With easy automation and end-to-end service delivery and lifecycle management, MachPanel is #1 choice of CSPs who opt for cloud business automation. It supports Multi-tenancy and Segregation for Hosted Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 & SharePoint 2019, Work Folders Hosting (Microsoft Sync Share) Integration, Advanced Exchange Database Management to support database administrative operations and Exchange RBAC role group management and a secure environment with Google Authenticator for 2 Factor authentications. It offers a Hybrid Cloud Marketplace and robust Reporting mechanism for better analysis.

Stick around for more updates on cloud computing space and get your hands on MachPanel to get your business scaled in the right direction.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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