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The Microsoft’s Partner New Commerce Experience (for CSPs)


The Microsoft Partner Program has evolved over the years. Recently Microsoft announced a New Commerce Experience for its Partners. The good news is: there is a per–user subscription starting January 2022.

The entire concept was initially introduced for Azure as a hassle-free journey for both partner and customer. This time it is being introduced for subscriptions like Office 365, Dynamics 365, Windows 365, Microsoft 365.

What impact will it have on business?

For indirect sellers, the cloud business will have the option to opt for NCE from Jan 2022 which will eventually be enforced by Microsoft in March 2022. 

For The new subscriptions to be circulated and adopted, Partners need to make sure if the customer is prepared to fully commit to the entire terms of subscription. The cancellation policy states that the grace period is 72 hours. 

For Partners who are looking to explore the possibilities of the new Commerce experience, they do not have to re-sign the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA).

Manage your subscription billing with MachPanel

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MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP

MachPanel’s Microsoft CSP module lets you fully automate your Cloud Solution Provider services. Take the opportunity to Upgrade your business and take it to a whole new level with modern automation. With automated systems, you can do more with less and create new revenue streams for your business. A user-friendly and intuitive dashboard is all you need for easy billing, recurring subscriptions, streamlined reporting and cost estimations.

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