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How to manage costs effectively with Cloud Cost Management


Businesses approach the cloud in order to adopt the most trendy solutions and take benefits to grow the business from what the clod has to offer. However, it has been observed over a decade that many cloud Cost Managementbusinesses waited to see how the cloud impacts the development and growth of business in the market and give them a competitive edge. The major factor to be calculated was: cost. It is said that moving to cloud will cut down costs, but in reality you need to determine “is the cloud is costing you much more than needed?”

Cloud Cost management is a recent initiative that provides enterprises with tools to simply budget tracking and the spending of overall business along with providing analysis that enables the companies to reduce waste and extra cloud spending. Hence it reduces overall costs in the cloud.

There have been seen remarkable reductions in overall costs up to 30 -40% every month. By opting for cloud management, you can:

  1. Cost Reduction

Through specialized tools, hidden costs in the cloud can be uncovered.  The historical data of the whole year is readily available. Apart from that, automated policies can be customized in order to identify imminent opportunities regarding costs savings and take relevant actions.  You can simply downsize extra resources and terminate unused resources and save money for your business.

  1. Reserved Instance Management

There is nothing better than identifying opportunities for your business. Using cloud cost management tools, you have immediate access to reserved instance usage trends. It enables enterprises with taking intelligent RI purchasing decisions and making recommendations for switching instance type.

  1. Expenditure Tracking

You can create relocation rules in order to distribute costs amongst various business groups. It makes you able to track month-over month expenditure trends and figure out anomalies. It also makes you able to forecast suture expenditures

  1. Reporting

Budget Reporting is a handy feature in Cloud Cost management. Reporting makes it easier to compare the actual costs versus the predicted costs. Departments can be held accountable after viewing monthly expenditure breakdown reports that presents actual budget speeding’s against the allocated budgets.

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MachPanel and your Cloud Spending

MachPanel is an ideal control Panel which gives CSPs a decent insight on their Budget and Reporting along with precise analytics. It is a Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform (MSOP) that provides complete Lifecycle automation for your business. With MachPanel, you can set customized Margins and control your costs accordingly. It provides Comprehensive Reporting with its User Friendly API. Cloud management has become just a matter of few clicks with MachPanel. It provides promising scalability and growth of your business.

Get the chance to give your business a competitive edge and get your hands on MachPanel.

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