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Trusting sensitive data in the Cloud has always been a controversial topic. Security Teams and risk management leaders had been fearful in trusting critical data with third-party cloud providers in the past. However, with the passage of time, companies and businesses have been developing trust in the cloud since Cloud providers have taken off a big overhead from the IT infrastructure development teams that included necessary cooling systems, server management, network management and storage.

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A clear shift in mindset is needed in order to avail the full features of cloud. In the modern era, the business still owns their data but they share the stewardship with cloud providers. So, Cloud providers need to have control over their cloud, in order to provide excellent services. There has been noticed a change in the concept of ‘Control’. It used to be a term representing physical control over data centers in the past, however, now it is more used in terms of control of processes. In order to achieve an efficient system of work, information security leaders and risk management authorities need to introduce new concepts of indirect control. It is about delineating security responsibility that is distributed between telecommunication carriers, who own the physical infrastructure, and clients, who own business data. There needs to be a hand-off point where the cloud providers are handed over the critical data by the business owners.

It is necessary that access shall be provided on the basis of ‘least privileged’ rather than giving full authority to the Cloud vendors. Cloud providers need to work on higher degrees of encryption for the protection of data. Encryption is necessary for both data at rest and data in transition. Another best practice is that CSPs should work in collaboration with providers that offer security and compliance monitoring. Such providers must ensure that the cloud will be able to handle workloads and is capable to meet necessary requirements in critical time.

It is evermore necessary to understand that ‘control’ and ‘security’ terms should be considered as shared over the cloud between the CSP and the business owners.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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