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Cloud commerce platform: your gateway to Next-level business Ops


In recent years, Cloud commerce has gained immense popularity amongst managed service providers, mainly, because they are looking for ways to streamline their IT operations across online and offline channels. It is predicted that the managed IT service market would be worth around 274 billion USD in the next 4 years. Clearly, the demand for a cloud commerce platform is growing. Investing in Cloud commerce platforms, drastically increases the overall reachability of the business.

What is a cloud commerce platform?
A cloud commerce platform is a one-stop solution to cater all the modern business needs in terms of selling products and services to the Right customers. In this integrated system, a Smartphone or tablet is connected to the online application and can be managed via the smart device. MSP’s are opting to invest in such platforms for easier management and delivery.
A cloud commerce platform provides MSP’s ways to identify the areas of potential growth in this competitive environment. A good cloud commerce platform not only results in attaining better business goals but also offers MSPs operational benefits to run the Managed services.

Do you really need a cloud commerce platform?
Managed service providers offer all kinds of services. A cloud commerce platform lets them manage their business operations without a hassle. From selling, to managing recurring cloud products, cloud commerce platforms enable MSP’s to handle multiple operations seamlessly. They can manage multiple products, subscription models and various other areas of business operations like price strategies, security and taxation. Billing and subscriptions are important for both CSPs and MSPs alike. Cloud commerce platform caters the needs of modern billing and managing growing revenue streams.

5 Things to look out for when Choose a Cloud commerce platform
MSP’s use the cloud commerce platforms to display, sell and maintain their cloud based products and services to the end-users. For long-term success, choosing the Right Platform is important. Here’s what to look out for in a Cloud commerce platform provider:

  1. Easy creation and updating of cloud product catalog
    With the cloud, there are updates every now and then. The ideal platform must enable MSP’s to deliver their best solutions from multiple vendors and yet be able to fully integrate these services for a seamless end user buying experience.
  1. Scalability options for a more robust business experience
    A good Cloud commerce platform makes it easy to scale your business on your terms. It enables MSPs to manage trials and paid subscriptions to end users from various parts of the world in their own currencies, taxation systems and languages.
  1. Easy vendor management options
    Automation is the key to a better cloud commerce experience. Go with a platform which not only provides easy billing and other business operations management but also goes far beyond just providing access to vendors towards reconciliation of billing issues with vendors directly. With such a platform, this is automated.
  1. The solution catered according to your business needs
    As more cloud services become available, you need to find the service which fits in with your services and plans. A vast marketplace that’s expanding and evolving with the industry is what you are looking for.

MachPanel is your one-stop solution for Cloud automation

MachPanel provides automation services for CSPs from billing to provisioning management. A hybrid marketplace is offered which is equipped with best in line AI algorithms to make you increase your reachability.  An intuitive user interface awaits you that streamlines cloud business operations in a Multi-tenant environment.

Evidently, you have got to be in it to win it! Choosing the Right Cloud commerce platform can be the gateway to your success. Vendors with a proven success record are more popular with MSPs and that’s for a reason: They have high standards that can uplift your business to heights. Thousands of smart customers have made the shift to MachPanel. Join MachPanel’s growing customer base and offer your services to customers in a hassle-free manner.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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