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How is MachPanel Exchange Module facilitating Exchange Hosting provider workflows


MachPanel Exchange Module activates affluent web based interface for the management of hosted email service. A recommended validation solution for Hosted Exchange that provides best management of Exchange Mailboxes and support all types of Mailboxes i.e. User, Linked, Shared, Room and Equipment Mailbox.

The easy to use interface let customers add and manage Mailboxes, Contacts, Distribution lists, Public Folders, Retention Policies, and Spam Filters etc. and provide them with anywhere access to email, calendar, and contacts on all major browsers. The user friendly web interface allows the providers, resellers and the end-users to perform routine management task without the need of going at the exchange server or active directory.

  • Mail Flow Setting: It makes Mail forwarding to Contacts, Distribution Lists and other Mailboxes very easy.
  • Email Addresses: The user friendly interface for adding Email address for Mailbox users.
  • Archive Management: You can avail the email archiving feature which allows you to store your customers email in compliance with all data storage legislation.
  • Unified Messaging: Unified Messaging is now considered a component or sub feature of the voice-related features that are offered in Exchange 2013\2016 and all Unified Messaging components—including dial plans, auto attendants, UM mailbox policies are supported. Unified Messaging makes it possible for Exchange administrators to combine voice messaging and email messaging into one mailbox in MachPanel.
  • Journaling: Journaling can help your Customer organization respond to legal, regulatory, and organizational compliance requirements.
  • Calendar Permissions: Calendar Permission feature allows to you manage User Mailbox Calendar as well as Room\Resource Mailbox users within an Exchange organization if the owner of the mailbox grants the appropriate permissions. Permission levels can be set to allow others to read or create items.
  • Mobile Device Management: With mobile device policies, you can create approved mobile device lists, enforce PIN lock, and remove confidential company data from lost phones.

Exchange Module facilitate it’s Exchange providers by offering brief SPLA and Usage Reports, Spam Experts, Mailbox Templates, Public Folder Mailbox and many other feature along with the ability to manage those and is fully Multi-tenant. We are constantly adding new features as per demand in the industry. The Exchange Databases section located in the navigation pane of the “Exchange Hosting” aids Exchange providers to host Mailboxes for a particular customer on a separate Database along with adding new Databases and move Mailboxes from one Database to another. The Public Folder Mailbox Management has been added recently thus improving the public folder hierarchy. Many of customers were facing issues when creating Public Folders that there is no Active Public Folders Mailbox exists now you can add PFM without logging into Exchange servers.

Moreover discover various Group Actions that can be performed from the Web interface requires minimal time, lessened manual effort and thus enhancing it capability of handling tons of users without having any performance issue.  In case your live user ran into some issues such as accidental removal or you have made any changes at your exchange server directly then MachPanel also provides sync from backend. If users are accidently remove\deleted, you can restore at your Exchange server and sync inside MachPanel Exchange without affecting any Mailbox. Exchange Plans\Packages can handle selling of widely used options such as Litigation Hold, Mobile Device, Application Impersonation, Microsoft SPLA types, Outlook Permissions, OWA access Settings, as per your business pursuits. You can separately charge your customers for Shared \ Resource Mailbox with the help of Add-ons.

It’s easier than ever to provide your users with the business email, and automatic provisioning of accounts. Thus MachPanel provides comprehensive automation solution for Microsoft Exchange.


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