MachPanel: A Unified Approach towards Cloud Automation

MachPanel: A Unified Approach towards Cloud Automation

Enormously getting enriched with cloud Automation is essential to professionals involved in Cloud Businesses or Cloud Provision to facilitate users’ urge to acquire cloud-first approach and get access to required data and information with just a few clicks. Many of the Providers have reshaped their infrastructure to get aligned with technology and seek a pathway to get into Cloud Business in order to provide OTG services based on latest Cloud Strategies. MachSol Inc. is “born-in-the-cloud” technology provider that can help you to upgrade not only your business model to offer cloud services but can also assist you to automate and manage your entire cloud business in a unified manner.

If you are offering Cloud hosting services to your clients, look no further. You will need nothing more than a complete Cloud Automation Platform: MachPanel. It has got all the tools you need in one place, to completely automate your cloud business by means of the following MachPanel modules:

Microsoft Exchange Automation

Microsoft Approved Control Panel and completely supporting Multi-tenancy and Segregation for Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server 2019, Microsoft Exchange 2016 alongside older version i.e. MS Exchange 2013, Exchange 2010 SP2 and Exchange 2007.

Microsoft SharePoint Automation

Allows you selling hosted Microsoft SharePoint and completely supports Microsoft SharePoint Server 2019, 2016 & 2013 and all legacy versions.

Microsoft Skype for Business Automation

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Skype for Business Unifies your communication and fully supports Multi-tenancy and Segregation for Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019, Skype for Business 2015, Microsoft Lync 2013 alongside Microsoft Lync 2010 and its multi-tenant hosting pack release. MachPanel Lync has achieved Microsoft Qualified Lync Application status as well. Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2019 is a full fledge digital communication Application which is ready to be replaced into Microsoft Teams in future.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM Automation

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V – VPS Control Panel Empowers you to sell Microsoft Dynamics 365 & CRM 2016 and offers support to legacy versions Dynamics CRM 2015/2013/2011/4.0

Microsoft Hyper-V Automation – VPS Control Panel

MachPanel Automation Module for Microsoft Hyper-V – VPS Control Panel helps you provision, manage and bill Microsoft Windows 2019/2016/2012 R2 Hyper-V via self-serving control panel for providers, resellers and end-clients.

WorkFolders – Automated File Syncing and Collaboration Solution

MachPanel Work Folders Automated File Syncing and Collaboration Solution helps support better file syncing and collaboration while supporting the latest Microsoft Work Folders file server with Windows Server 2012 R2 OS.

MachPanel Tool for Web Hosting

MachPanel Cloud based Web Hosting is equipped with all the tools needed for a fully scalable and reliable windows web hosting control panel. It enables reselling of SaaS based enterprise hosting and services and takes automation to a next level.

MachPanel Tool for Directory Synchronization

The MachPanel Tool for Directory Synchronization offers fast-paced AD Sync feature which saves you time and efforts to keep the Active Directory sync-ed at all times. It is equipped with AI based features. It offers same Sign-On benefits which makes working across multiple platforms and On-premise active directory synchronization with cloud hosted active directory along with ADSync Usage Report per Organization.

Uniformity is built-in within MachPanel since all modules are available under one roof and have an interconnection with each other. One can have complete control over all of the services via single control panel alongside having full command over business operations like billing, management, helpdesk and monitoring etc. Precisely, MachPanel is an All-in-One cloud automation solution that can take your business to new heights of cloud!

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