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SharePoint 2010 Redundant & Virtualized Farm


Question: How to achieve SharePoint 2010 redundant & virtualized farm with minimum number of physical servers?

Answer: Plan for virtualization (SharePoint Server 2010)​

SharePoint Server 2010 – Virtualized Farm Architecture for fully Redundant Farm with only Two Physical Nodes

  •  – High Availability across Hosts
  •  – All Components Virtualized
  •  – Uses Only two Windows Enterprise Edition Licenses

As more companies try to decrease managing and investment expenses, fix the problems of datacenter solidity, and provide versatility to their SharePoint deployments – so in such circumstances virtualization becomes the pivotal point of conversation.  SharePoint 2010 provides more versatility in assistance of virtualization and similar to other hosting server technological innovation needs appropriate preparing to make sure those objectives are met.

A virtual platform is made up of two related levels, one actual and one virtual. A settings change in either level results hosts in the other level. This interrelationship becomes obvious when you plan to setup and use SharePoint Hosting server 2010 in a virtual platform. For more details you can contact us or read see virtualization overview.

All components of Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 are fully reinforced when implemented in a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Hyper-V technology platform. Additionally, any relevant or required helping technologies are also support. Every factor of a SharePoint forest that is setup on a virtual machine should adhere to the licensing specifications for SharePoint Server 2010 as well as relevant and supported technologies.


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