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Cloud Computing: Multi-Cloud Opportunities and Challenges


Cloud computing has become the norm for IT companies in today’s era. Every business needs plans curated to manage multiple clouds in a smart manner. Being in a multi-cloud environment, it is critical to keep the multi-cloud environment in check. If left unchecked, a security breach can devalue most precious company assets – the data.

Cloud computing in the real world

Cloud computing has emerged as a major tool for everyday life activities like Banking applications, Healthcare systems, Ecommerce, Email, media streaming and much more. This has opened up new business marketing ways.  SaaS has emerged as an effective model for Software service delivery. Similar is the case with IaaS, where managed infrastructure services are provided. The third model for cloud computing is PaaS (Platform as a service). In a nutshell, the cloud is all about how to take control of the core business and free yourself from the technological complexities.

Examples of multi-cloud applications

  • Cloud storage

The amount of Cloud providers is increasing each day. Many cloud providers are now offering data storage on the cloud. The customers can access their data whenever they require. These files can be accessed on any device. Such applications are in-demand since more and more companies are moving to the cloud.

  • Marketing platforms

There are various digital marketing platforms for customers to manage marketing plans and target leads. For digital market experts, the cloud fulfills the need for personalization. Cloud platforms offer a hybrid marketplace to showcase products.

  • Education applications

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a need for distance learning. This led to a high demand in cloud-based educational applications. Various platforms emerged with basic modules like presentations, file submission, and automated tools for educationists, administrators, and students. 

  • Healthcare applications

Many companies Applications that provide healthcare services are now moving to the cloud because of the many benefits it provides. Cloud servers store patient information and bridge the gap between patients and health providers. There are telehealth applications for maximum convenience. 

Real-world Multi-cloud challenges

  • Application workloads

Since cloud applications are now delivering services that are crucial to everyday life, keeping the workloads managed is a challenge. The applications have to be kept up and running at all times and there is no room for server failover. In such cases, a multi-cloud environment handles server management easily.

  • Cloud migration challenges

Once a company makes the move to the cloud, a major challenge arises which is the migration challenge. Moving the entire company and data to the cloud is another factor to consider.

  • Cloud security challenges

Cloud applications have to be secured with top-notch security methods. IT is the ultimate responsibility of the company.

  • Cloud risk management

When moving to the cloud, there is a risk of managing a multi-cloud or hybrid environment. 


MachPanel – Multi-Cloud Service Delivery Platform

MachPanel allows Telco’s and Providers to sell multi-cloud services with various automation solutions like MachPanel Automation Platform for Microsoft CSP, Remote Desktop Services, Web hosting solutions and much more.

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