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Both physically and virtually, the technology continuously evolves workplaces. In recent years, a trend has been observed that workplaces have started to break down the walls in favor of open environments in order to foster improved collaborations. It is because, cloud-enabled tools are being introduced in the workplaces in order to meet the increasing demands of Next-Gen users and hence further teamwork is developed.

future workspace

An ideal workplace of the future is the one that saves time and makes tasks simplified. It shall combine all relevant information related to documents, apps, emails, social media, marketing tools and collaboration tools, into one single interface with a single Login or controlled sign on. It shall be device and platform independent. The users shall be able to enhance their work with any kind of tools or new API Integrations into their systems. Furthermore, third party add-ons like file management and document add-ons and other things like social media profiles, digital marketing tools, etc. can also be integrated within the workspace making it a more robust and richer workplace user experience.

Complete Digital workspace

A One-Stop solution workspace shall be accessible right from the browser. The complete cloud-based workplace wards off the need of a specific physical workspace with decent infrastructure. However, if any user is not fully ready for an entire shift to the cloud, there are also options to go for hybrid workspaces where you share apps and other features of the workspace between the cloud and your systems. Since hybrid is the current and future trend, the digitized workplace of the future shall include aspects from hybridization.

Saving time and space for the workplace is a big plus in this competitive environment.  Using One-Stop solution Workplaces, it would be possible in future to pay more attention to the business growth and idea rather than workplace and its hassle.

A customized Palette of apps

In such a system, all things are combined and thus it makes things simplified for the end user. The future workplace is a custom workplace that varies for each individual. There is a lot to choose from. It keeps you going with your business. The end users can configure their custom apps in the Cloud and make it a customized workspace. The users also don’t require much technical knowledge and can easily setup the workspace by themselves. This user friendly factor is much needed in a digital workspace for better productivity and performance. This unified web portal will accommodate most Cloud SaaS apps that the end users will be able to use.

Apart from that, such a workspace shall have a feature to integrate with old IT systems running before the new technology is phased in. The user end wouldn’t be bothered about which technology is working at the back-end, either new technology (Cloud apps or cloud services) or Old systems (like user management tools, remote desktops, file servers, on-premises environments etc.). The user shall be provided with a single interface regardless of the technology behind it so they don’t have to deal with legacy.

Finally, workspaces are being modified to bring all related things combined. However, it varies from one user to user, so each of them will have their own personalized workspace in future.

Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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