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SAP and Microsoft offer new cloud migration pairing for improved customer experience


In the past, Microsoft officials announced a much needed collaboration with SAP for an innovative enterprise cloud migration solutions. The commitment showed that the two Tech Giants will be implementing each other’s’ technologies internally.  As a result of this collaboration, the two companies now have many new cloud migration pairing offers for an improved customer experience, stated Microsoft officials, recently.

The roadmap to Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the thing of today.  The businesses that are “born-in-the-cloud” are in need of unified approaches that are only possible with Tech Giants working and collaboration together for better customer experiences. With business processes and cultures being evolved in new ways, the need of digital transformation exists to the core in today’s business space. Cloud migration, being a vital aspect in cloud businesses, is evolving in new ways.

Reduced Complexities, minimized costs

With SAP-Microsoft Partnership, there are new agreements and programs coming up on the face of the earth out of which the “cloud migration strategy to SAP S/4HANA on Azure” holds great importance. With this, customers get to experience reduced costs and complexities and stay in control of the top-notch technologies. This provides the customers with the best of both the worlds for the betterment of their cloud business.

The Embrace Program

Back in May, 2019, Microsoft officials announced the details about project “Embrace”. It’s a fine combination of Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud along with global strategic service partners (GSSPs) where the focus is to provide an integrated SAP Cloud Platform enabling orchestration and third-party applications running in the cloud systems or on-premise systems. It might sound complex, but in fact it has reduced complexities in practicality to a lot.

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