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Top 3 Major Challenges of Cloud Migration and Avoiding Techniques


Cloud migration has been in much demand since There has been a sudden rise in the use of cloud computing technology.  The numerous benefits that the cloud has provided to the businesses of today help them digitize the business and operate effectively.  The cloud has made scaling easy as well as has proven to be a budget-friendly solution for various business tasks. 

During cloud migration press, there are several challenges that the organizations face. Some of the topmost cloud migration challenges are listed in this article:

Top 3 Major Cloud migration challenges and solutions

  • Lack of Well-defined migrations strategy

It’s very common that businesses take the decision to make the shift to the cloud without a decent cloud migrations strategy. Every cloud migration is based on the particular requirements of the businesses. So, it is important to identify the application types like mission-critical apps or non-mission-critical apps.

Solution:  Every migration must be planned.

  • Ambiguity in Cloud costs

This arises mainly due to a lack of planning. Cloud vendors are smart people who know how to do business. The problem arises at the clients’ end when they can’t calculate the cloud migration phases costs and thus it results in cloud sprawl. At some point during the migration, the costs get out of hand.

Solution: The best way to overcome this is to Manage costs to avoid Cloud sprawl. This can be done by creating a cost center within your organization and handing the task of cost measurement to them from day 1.

  • Resistance to Cloud adoption

The number one cloud migration challenge is the resistance to change. Cloud is a huge environment where everything from infrastructure to apps and management is an integrated thing. The cohesion amongst the various aspects of cloud make it complex for newbies and the business officials might experience resistance from the working employees. 

SolutionThe best solution for this is to train them well before expecting them to work with it.  Regular training sessions must be planned and held during office timings.

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