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What does the future holds for “The Cloud” but even more important for all its global users. Big corporations like Amazon, Apple, AT&T, Cisco, Citrix, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, SAP, Sony, Verizon and VMware are trying hard to become market leader. Is that all what they are after? Big corporations will risk it all due reputation and hundreds of millions invested. Most are after marked supremacy, control and use of your data. It seems unrealistic but “The Cloud” will lead to a full blown cyber war in years to come. We’re no longer dealing with governments but powerful global corporations who are after you and your information.

The Cloud offers many advantages for it users but even more for big corporations and/or governments. What about others who have (un) lawful access to your data? Users of “The Cloud” should be fully aware of the dangers and protected by law. New massive US and EU regulations are on their way but will this stop the unlawful use of your data? United States and other countries are not on the same page in this matter. Bills like SOPA and PIPA are just an example how big vendors are trying to limited our privacy.

Are big vendors trying to influence laws and regulations for its own benefit? The answer is Yes. The truth is whoever controls “The Cloud” on a global bases will pretty much rule the world in the near future. Take social media as an example: All your data is analyzed, stored and used for whatever purpose “they” see fit. The power of social media interferes in politics and almost every other part of our lives. Having unlimited access to data can influence political systems and offer the ability to fight remote wars. Do we have any idea how powerful “The Cloud” really is? Governments and corporations like Apple, Google and already know but do you?

All of them have their own commercial reasons or political agenda to benefit from “The Cloud”. Unlawful usage or manipulation of our data is what we fear the most but this is already happening on a global scale. It is even more dangerous when corporations who control “The Cloud” and its technology (secretly) collaborate with governments, obtaining information of other governments or its competitors. Powerful corporations can influence legislation, the outcome of elections, take away your privacy and much more. Some of them have more money than the US Federal Reserve and money is power. Who are we really dealing with? Governments or corporations? Only strong legislation can protect “The Cloud” and its users. Governments should take action before this situation will escalate beyond our control.

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Multi-Cloud Service Orchestration & Delivery Platform

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