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Azure Site Recovery (ASR): Native DR solution for Azure IaaS applications is out!


Azure Site Recovery (ASR) has been proposed as a Disaster Recovery (DR) solution for Virtual Machines (VMs). This makes Azure the first every public cloud which is offering a native Disaster Recovery solution in the cloud along with running IaaS applications. Microsoft Azure has been benefiting CSPs for a long while now. With ASR, CSPs can now make their applications resilient to low level failures, i.e. failures at regional levels. This can be done by replicating Virtual Machines to a different region. ASR completes the resiliency package with Availability Zones and Availability Sets. This has provided many benefits for the customers. Here are 10 few key benefits of this plan:

  1. Minimal Infrastructure Requirements

The best thing about such an offering from Microsoft is that CSPs won’t need any extra portion of Infrastructure for DR solutions. Hence all cost and deployment burdens are already avoided once a native DR solution comes into the scene.

  1. DR Region Selection Flexibility

Azure geographical clusters play a role in this feature. The customers have a choice to replicate an IaaS based application running on Azure to a region where it is not running in the first place.

  1. Simplified Experience

The process of replicating a VM to a different region may not sound simple but for the customers it is presented as a simple process. You just have to select the VM, the region, review app settings submit the selections and it’s done!

  1. DR Drills, Anytime!

Drills can be easily performed anytime. The execution of drills won’t affect the applications at the production or to any on-going replication. Hence, the customers can make use of drills with full confidence.

  1. Orchestrated Application Recovery

There are Recovery Plans offered within the solution that enable the customers to orchestrate recovery of whole application. This is best suitable in meeting strict recovery time demands that is a requirement of business space.

  1. Detailed Troubleshooting and Monitoring

Vault dashboards and email notifications are few monitoring capabilities that let customers easily monitor failover readiness and overall DR health. In this way, you can troubleshoot quickly.

  1. Detailed OS Coverage

It supports Windows and Linux systems. In a monthly release cadence, it is made sure that it supports Latest Linux OS version.

  1. Support for Updated Features

The solution is updated with latest features form Azure. All features are supported like: managed and unmanaged disks, classic and resource manager virtual machines and large disks.

  1. Automatic Updates

As mentioned earlier, there is a monthly release cadence which introduces enhancements of features and in which issues are fixed. Automatic updates can be turned on in order to be updated with the latest updates each month.

  1. Network Egress Reduction

A handy feature of ASR is that it keeps on replicating data from source region to its target region. There is an in-built compression technology that helps in reduction of network egress data by up to 80 percent.

MachPanel Automated Module for Azure

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