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Microsoft Azure Cloud costs savings tips | 3 Do’s and Don’ts


When it comes to Azure cloud, CSPs often keep their cloud cost calculator at hand and try to limit the average cost of cloud computing every month. In reality, there are a lot of things to do (and NOT do) if you wish to keep your average cost of azure cloud computing under control. Here’s a Do and Don’t guide to keep your costs under control and your business running smooth:

  • DO: Carefully select VM size

For an effective cost saving, it is essential that you carefully select the size of your Virtual machine. With burst-able virtual machines being in the norm, it is always ideal to invest in a B-series machine for almost half the price you’d normally pay for a regular machine.

  • DO: Go for reusing what you wish to throw away

People often overspend on the items they need and make them from scratch. It is always a good idea to reuse existing resources or previously dumped items that were created but never used. For example, instead of taking up more and more App Service Plans for web apps, it is always a good idea to reuse plans for web apps that are no longer active or in running order. Similarly Azure cloud functions can be reused from multiple applications in the same company’s applications.

  • DO: Go for Automation

Automation is one thing that can lead you to huge costs savings in your entire business setup. It is always great to get your hands on an automation platform and save cloud costs for your organizations.

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  • DON’T: Be Reactive

It is always advisable to not take decision and be reactive. For example, instead of shutting down Virtual Machines that you no longer need, it is always advisable to take informed decision regarding VMs’ specs when you first deploy them. A better approach would be to stay better off with a smaller VM that runs for a bit longer than a large VM which you have to shut down in order to keep your average cost of cloud computing below the bar.

  • DON’T: Restrict Azure Cloud Usage

A better way to save costs is to let the developers do with Azure Cloud and let their skills take out the creativity from within. According to Chris Johnson, an Azure MVP, limiting what your developers can do with the cloud goes against what the cloud is all about.

  • DON’T: Run resources while you don’t need them

You must think it contradicts Point 4 in the list, but in reality, if you stop extra resources at night time, on weekends, on public holidays or whenever possible, you do get to save a lot of computing. One more aspect of this point is you must delete or get rid of resources like Delete unused EC2/RDS/Elastic ache instances or unattached EBS volumes you no longer need. This way, you won’t be paying extra

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