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Troubleshooting with Microsoft Hyper-V Cloud Issues | A Cloud Service Provider’s Guide


There are many issues that arise when Hyper-V VMs are being replicated to Azure. Even though Hyper-V is an established platform, but with upgrades from various other services, there are times when you face issues related to storage, migration failures, backup problems and availability issues. Let’s look at a few of these issues.

  • Storage Problems

One of the biggest problem businesses face after their business tends to scale is the slow storage performance. One big reason for this issue is the storage architecture within the Microsoft Hyper-V environment. It is important to check whether the virtual machine component is properly placed. Virtual machine components have to reside on a dedicated storage. And the architecture should deliver mirror redundancy. We will see this in Backup related problems in a few minutes. To cater for the issue of slow Storage problem, Microsoft prefers every Cloud service Provider implements VHDX based virtual hard disks for a better Storage performance to avoid Hyper-V cloud issues.

  • iSCSI Multi-Path Not Working Correctly

For SMBs, iSCSI storage is a popular choice. With this, you can get the benefits of a shared and clustered environment without the cost and complexity of a Fiber Channel. With any issue arising with Microsoft Multi-path, it is important to verify the Multi-Path I/O first using:

Get-WindowsFeature –Name ‘Multipath-IO’

If the feature isn’t installed in the first place, you can install it by the following command:

Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature –Online –FeatureName MultiPathIO

After this, you can make sure that there are no configuration issues using the Multi-Path I/O Control Panel to avoid any Hyper V cloud issues.

  • Live Migration Failure

This is typically the most annoying issue that your customers can experience. To avoid a Live migration failure, it is important to take services from an experienced Cloud Service Provider who has a team of experts to know how to avoid a Live Migration failure and other Hyper-V cloud issues. However, if such an issue arises, it is important to perform the following checks:

  1. Check for Missing permissions
  2. Validate any incorrect Authentication protocol
  3. Check for Mix Match configurations
  • Backup Related Problems

As mentioned above, a misconfiguration or wrong judgment at the time of placement of virtual machine leads to backup and storage problems. The best possible way to cater this issue is to create Child VM Snapshot backups. This is done by deploying a Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) having three main components: VSS Writer, VSS Requestor and VSS Provider.

VSSAdmin is a command line tool used to diagnose Volume Shadow Copy Services problems.

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