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Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2019 with Windows Server 2019 – what’s new?


Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2019 has been released that is built over the strong foundation on Remote Desktop Services (RDS) 2016. Not only it promises rapid deployment, it also gives customers the opportunity to leverage enhancements. Available with Windows Server 2019, it is the most optimal version of all RDS released till now. Not only that, but it also promises improvement in administrative and client experience.

Remote Desktop Service 2019 has put forth innovation that revolves around three areas: simplify IT management, improved security and User experience. Let’s have a look at these three areas one by one:

Simplifying IT Management

Scaling deployment needs to be simple in order to make management easier. In the previous releases, management was made easier using Active Directory which had an overall impact on management of Remote Desktop (RD) licensing servers. With this release, customers are given the leverage of RD Licensing servers that are forward compatible for upcoming version of Windows Server. This means the licenses will be easier to manage from a variety of RDS releases. Performance Counters APIs have been added in order to facilitate partners with easy data access so they can build monitoring Dashboards and be able to deliver a consistent user experience for their customers.

User Experience

Much focus has been given to Enhancement of user experience. Modern notification mechanism has been introduced where notifications are added in RemoteApp in the Action Center. This will improved productivity with applications like MS Outlook. Better video stream quality has been added with higher frame rates for which high level redirection of built-in or attached cameras is added. This optimizes the video quality in remote and applications and desktops. Hence users find video-intensive interactions with a better experience. Furthermore, in order to increase image quality for a faster web client experience, bandwidth of CPU usage on client and server has been reduced.

Improved Security

Providing better security is the primary focus on RDS. Previous RDS releases have been equipped with security measures and this version has a few security enhancements too. With a decent Admin Center integration, all local and remote server management is consolidated to a single pane quite manageably. For a trusted end-to-end RDS deployment, a DTLS-based encryption feature is added that is also easy to configure within the system. Further, a web client support for Single Sign-on (SSO) is added for web client users for a streamlined authentication user experience. Lastly, Windows Defender systems have been brought into RDS 2019.

Deployment on Azure

For CSPs, here’s good news. Deploying RDS on Azure provides full flexibility, security and scalability that are advantages of working with Azure. Hybrid deployments are also supported to improve flexibility and ease of adoption. RDS deployments are available through CSP Program. With this, partners can easily sell RDS subscriptions with their CSP program. This eliminates one whole extra step of partners and their clients getting different subscription and licenses through a variety of programs.

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